Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Wellness Check

Yesterday's wellness check was great for Caralyn. She is over her birth weight already, which they don't expect until 2 weeks..and she was 5 days! The nurse was extremely happy with that. So she weighs 7lbs 8.1oz now. It's crazy. She eats like crazy already too. Most of the time like 3-4 oz per sitting.

My part of the wellness check wasn't so good. My blood pressure was still up at around 148/90. It's not super high, but high enough for them to worry about me. I did a urinalysis and they thought it was too much blood for 5 days after giving birth, so they took blood from me to do the same tests they've done 6 times already (that's no joke). I am getting completely upset by them taking my blood all the time for the same thing when everything comes back normal each time. It's frustrating.

So then we went and got food then home. Penny, Seth and Rachel were over from like 4:30-9:30. I could've done with them leaving earlier so I could've slept better than I had.

We've also been co-sleeping with Caralyn. I hadn't planned on it, but I'm too paranoid with the crib right now. Anytime I hear something (or don't hear something) I am up to check on her. It's killing me with how sore I am at the moment (my back's been hurting really bad from the epidural) we just sleep together. She slept for about 2 hours at a time last night, then gets up for food and a diaper change and sleeps again. Now that it's 6:40AM she should be sleeping for a little while longer.

Oh and my milk is definitely coming in...I'm so sore! It's crazy! I never expected pain like that. I can barely put on a bra without it hurting...and that's a stretchy comfy bra!

Well I'm out. I need to go get Josh up to watch Caralyn while I pump a couple bottles for the day. Baby girl is sooooo adorable sleeping in her bouncer right now...I could just eat her up!

Oh and for those that want pictures, it will be a little bit still...I am being selfish and want to keep her to myself for a little longer. It should be soon though. I'm sorry.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

She is the most beautiful baby in the world!

So....I haven't been online in a few days.

I had Caralyn on November 24 at 12:48PM. She is 7 lbs 6.6 oz and 19.8 inches long. She has a full head of dark brown hair (that runs in Josh's family).

My water broke at 2AM. We were at the hospital by 3AM and they started pitocin (since I didn't start labor on my own) around 6AM. I did eventually get an epidural and about an hour after it was started I had her.

The midwife that delivered her told Josh later that she had never seen a woman with an epidural do so well with pushing as I did. That made me happy to know that even if I can't feel what I'm doing, I am doing it and doing it well. I was determined to hold my baby as fast as I could.

Josh was wonderful at coaching me once he woke up (I let him sleep through the earlier contractions, knowing I would need him more once they REALLY started happening....) I couldn't have asked for a better coach. He was just absolutely amazing...and he kept his strength for me to use.

While I was getting the epidural, I guess they jabbed me with the needle like 8 times...I thought it was only 3, but I was wrong. I do have scabs on my back from it...and the spot they finally got it in was quite a bit higher. Luckily the local they gave me for that worked like a charm...I never felt anything. Josh was upset though and wanted to deck the lady giving it to me.

I had some problems while getting the epidural vitals went down considerably before it was even in. As soon as it was in they had me lay back and get on oxygen. They also had to do an internal monitor for Caralyn because they couldn't find her with the external. It was crazy. Josh found the scab from that yesterday and almost freaked until he realized what it was from. LoL!

Today is her first wellness check. I hope we've done a good enough job with her so far. She has been eating like crazy the last couple days and last night, she actually slept most of the night away :) I got sleep along with my nap before bed! YAY! I'm still a bit tired, but I think that's because I'm pushing myself too much.

The day I came home from the hospital (Wednesday) I went to my mom and dad's rental place. The next day we were over there again for Thanksgiving. Yesterday I went to get my flu shot (though I have to go back Monday for it now), went to lunch with family, went to Target (yes, I know it's stupid to shop on black friday) and then finally home.

Todays plans are to stay home except the wellness appointment...we'll see how that goes with it being Penny, Seth and Rachel's last day here. Tomorrow I'll be chillin in Sequim probably then at home. It's going to be nice to just relax next week.

Well I'm out. One handed typing is not my strong suit...and my baby girl is so much better than the internet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another small update...

Hopefully things won't change again. That's for sure!

I had another appointment yesterday for the baby. We were all hoping I was going to have her this past weekend, but that didn't happen. No biggie. I don't figure she's going to come out until I'm induced.

I was supposed to be induced THIS Friday...the 21st. Something came up and the Dr. can't do it, so they had to change it on me. They tried getting me to be induced on Wednesday...which means I would miss Thanksgiving with my family and friends. NO WAY! I told the Dr. I was seeing WHY we had made it earlier than the 25th anyway and so they made it for the 25th. I have to call at 5AM to make sure there isn't pure chaos there first though...but since my cervix is so soft already, and I'm dilated to 3cm already, I shouldn't have to be ripened at all...or much.

So...yesterday after my appointment I wanted to cry...actually I wanted to cry IN my appointment, but I didn't. I had my hopes up to be holding my baby girl this weekend...and now that's probably not going to happen. Though, the Dr. did sweep my membranes maybe this time it'll work a bit better (this time it didn't even really hurt, which is weird...maybe because it was a guy this time? I dunno...I've always felt male obgyn's are nicer and hurt less) and I'll have my baby this weekend anyway. Who knows.

On another note, my parents should be here by Sunday. I hope they have a safe trip up from California. They're heading back to 101 today since 5 has NOTHING to look at. This will take them longer, but like I've been telling them the whole time, they can take their time in getting here. LoL!

Well...that's all. I'll talk to y'all later!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Small Update

So, still no baby, which is okay at the moment.

I was checked again yesterday at my appointment (I'm going weekly now) and the midwife said I was almost at 3cm and asked if I wanted her to strip the membranes. I said "sure" since I know that sometimes helps get labor going....I figure anything to help it along! Well, after that I was a definite 3cm and possibly a little more, along with almost completely thinned that's cool!

I lost my mucus plug yesterday too...definitely not a pretty sight, but oh happens.

We also picked our induction day if she doesn't come early. It will be November 21, cousin Jess' birthday :) We needed it after Wednesday since Josh has a qualification board to do that day and can't get leave until afterwards, so I figure since that was the 19th, I would go for the next birthday of a family member, which was the 21st. If there wasn't a family birthday I would've asked for the 25th since I think that's a sweet day for some reason. Don't know why, but Josh really wanted her to come early. I still have a small hope after the membrane sweep thing.

Anyway, I'm off...just wanted to update you all.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Or so I thought...

So at my last appointment, I was well on my way to going into labor within the week.

Yesterday I seriously thought that it would be then or today, but now I'm not so sure.

I was at the mall with Josh yesterday and I had a big contraction then almost passed out right afterwards (luckily I was already sitting down). He went and got me a wheelchair and we went to the hospital. Nothing was wrong. They ran blood work and everything, but everything came back 100% normal.

I was checked again and there was no change whatsoever in my I'm still only 2cm after almost a week of walking, having sex and masturbating (I know, TMI, get over it!). So we'll continue on with all the stuff we're doing, but I guess it's not going to do anything for me really.

I have another appointment on Thursday to check my blood levels. Well I haven't taken too many readings because of random things. I try, but sometimes I just don't because I don't eat at the same time every day. I'm not hungry at the same time every day...and I'm not going to force myself to eat when I'm not hungry. That's all there is to that.

Anyway, yesterday I had a ton of long and strong contractions...and they were patterned. I would be 1 away from waking Josh up and then I wouldn't have one for 30 minutes. It made me so mad! I want to have her soon so Josh has more time with her. He's already fairly well regretting being in the Navy and having a child at the same time. I feel bad for him.

I've had a couple contractions today, but nothing like yesterday. Looks like more sex for me! YAY! I told Josh 2-3 times a day until I have her. I want her out!

Anyway....the only other thing is the weird cravings. Not for food or anything, but for smells...mainly rubbing's addicting...especially when you have to use the alcohol wipes for testing blood...OMG it's addicting. I always smell them before I wipe my skin, then after I test blood I take a few more smells because it smells so good and that's what I want to smell. I wish they made a candle the scent of rubbing alcohol.

Another is Compound W when it's already on the skin...Josh had a wart and he was using that stuff and it smelled soooooo good. His wart is already gone, so I don't get to smell that anymore which is sad. It's too potent and it's different when it's in the little jar...that makes me want to gag more than anything.

And then there's one that I can't really determine what it is, but I'm longing for it. I wish I knew what it was so I could just go get some and smell it on occassion so I could get over the darn craving.

That's the weirdest things though....craving certain's so weird. I had never heard of craving smells, but I guess it's fairly common. The nurse that did our Childbirth Education class had craved the smell of gasoline when she was pregnant. But I guess that's the normal one...gasoline...not rubbing alcohol! LoL!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Any day now

So I had a checkup yesterday for this pregnancy. I am now 37 weeks and 2 days, so I'm finally full term and they'll let me deliver any time now.

Well, I asked the Dr. when she was going to check for dilation and stuff, and she said she could do it either "now or next week." I opted for "now" and found out I am 2 cm dilated and my cervix is 3/4 "gone" (don't remember the exact term she used).

This means that I can deliver any day now anyway. I might not even make it to my appointment next week. This makes me very happy.

I did have energy yesterday until I took a hot shower to relax. This morning I woke up recharched even though I got woken up by my cat a million times last night. So, who knows...maybe today will be the day! I know that's probably wishful thinking, but you never know.

Anyway, that's the update. Later!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and other updates

So....I'll start off with the fact that Halloween was AWESOME! It was the only day last week that Josh had to work. He got to come home for lunch, and he got home from work a little after 4PM, which will be normal until he's back on the boat. I'm excited about this!

As soon as Josh got home he started working on the garage and getting it "presentable" since I decided I wanted to sit sheltered in case it started raining again (we don't need a sick prego in the house!) He did an amazing job, though it's not 100% finished. I want a couple things moved around so I can put up a curtain to hide the "storage" stuff.

As Trick or Treat started, it was slow, so Josh painted my belly :) It was sooooo cute! A little dragon licking my belly :)

I love it...I think it's really cute. He ended up adding the word "Slurp" to it too, but by the time we got a picture of that, it was ruined a bit. Next time we'll know to use better paint instead of Halloween paint.

Now to the fun parts. Saturday and Sunday we were running around doing last minute things to get ready for the hospital and baby's birth. Well...I thought I was going into labor by the end of both days. Saturday the contractions stopped after relaxing for a little bit...Sunday...that's a different story. I almost actually went to the hospital because I hurt so bad even after 2 hours of trying to relax. I was in tears and Josh felt so bad that he couldn't do anything about it. I took a nice warm/hot shower (I know I'm not supposed to but I don't care!) and layed in the tub for a bit letting the water relax me. As soon as I sat up, the pain started in again, so I went to bed and layed down on my left side while Josh was on my laptop playing with his RP friends. I fell asleep and when I woke up the first time, I was feeling a little better, but I couldn't lay on any side but my left one. So...that's just what I did.

This morning I feel a lot better, haven't had any real contractions that I've actually felt and the only problem is my poor swollen feet/ankles/legs/knees. So I'm staying in bed today until Josh gets home. I've already told him of this plan and he said it sounded like a good one. I don't want to be in pain tonight...not like last night...that was killer.

I think today when he gets home from work we'll run to the NEX and get the extendable shower curtain so I can put that up over the closet to hide the plain white closet doors with the theme of the room :)

Well...that's all. I'll try to keep everyone updated :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nothing yet

I'm 35 weeks and 3 days along today. I'm getting anxious to see my little girl...and the pain I'm in to stop! I wish someone would've told me that the last couple months were painful and that I would hurt every day no matter what I did (except when I sleep!)

Yesterday I had an appointment. The dr. wasn't too happy that I decided to stop taking my blood on my own. I am fine, but he wants me to take my levels this week and I see him again on the 29th to make sure my levels really are fine. more week of blood taking and eating extra good so I can stop this hassle.

He also checked for dilation since I have been feeling like she's trying to push down a little. There is nothing. The cervix is still pretty high up, but it is softening. He also told me to get out of bed a little more and push myself since that's what gives me contractions and that will help the process along a little faster.

I asked if I could have Josh take me to the pool and walk laps. He said yes! YAY! So I get to go "swimming" which really means I get to walk around in the shallow end so I can get some of this weight lifted off of me for a few minutes at a time! I'm excited about this!

I also now weigh 196 lbs. I only gained 1.2 lbs since my last visit which was on the 15th (so 8 days ago...not too bad I don't think).

My Aunt Margie and cousin Meghan are in town (I think Tim might be too!)...not exactly MY town, but Sequim, which is only 45 minutes from me. They're visiting my Uncle Chuck, Aunt Boots, Uncle Guy, Aunt Lynn and cousins Jenn and Jess. Josh has yet to meet any of them (except Tim and Aunt Margie) and I have yet to meet Meghan. I can't wait to meet her and see the rest of my family! We're going up since Josh has leave and I'm assuming it's okay since I'm not dilated at all yet.

Anyway...that's the update. I have another appointment on the 29th with this Dr. to check my blood levels. Since all I'm going to eat is healthy stuff (like salad with grilled chicken) I should be good. I'm glad I like salad and have been in the mood for it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks less...

I had a check up on Wednesday the 15th. It went well. I saw Commander Larson, who is the one I've seen most (and like most for the most part) through my whole pregnancy. She hasn't seen me in 2 months since last month she was on leave during my appointment.

She walks in and automatically comments on my belly "Where did that come from? It's so cute!" So I guess my belly is cute. I have to agree actually! I mean...look at it!

Is that not the cutest baby belly you've seen in a long time? I think so! I love it! Of course, she's back a little farther than usual in this picture, but that's okay...I still think it's cute.

Then we start talking about all the medical stuff. She asked me about birth control and she gave me a sheet with some notes to look up (she knows I'm an internet freak and I look up information online about everything...which is why I've never really had questions about the pregnancy, she has said she loves how informed I am for my age.) I keep forgetting to grab the paper, but it'll get done before my next appointment...I'm guessing I'm not getting on real birth control until after breastfeeding since that's what Josh wants and he doesn't ask much of me.

After all the medical crap is put behind us (we did talk about my blood glucose levels since I had 2 above the levels they were supposed to be...I've changed things so I can avoid this in the future) we talked a little about Harry Potter because of my shirt (see above...that was taken the day of my appointment...I was 34 Weeks and 1 Day).

I started talking about how I can't believe there's only a few more weeks until I'm giving birth to little Caralyn. I was talking between 37 and 40 weeks, so I said 3 and 6 weeks. And she corrected me saying 2-5. I was like "37-40 is 3-6 weeks." Which she then tells me "Oh we'll let you deliver at 36 weeks but not before. Also, because you have gestational diabetes, we usually induce a week early, which means November 18. I was sort of freaking out, but that's what happens I's just a perk.

I still need to order some things from and I want to get a little onsie made for Thanksgiving that has the "Butterball" logo on it, since she's our little Butterball Turkey...or at least she was supposed to be.

I go in on October 23 to get checked for dilation and stuff like that. I can't believe it's already coming to that! It's crazy! But if it's the Dr. I'm thinking of (the Dr. from L&D when I was pre-term labor/contraction) I'll be okay with it...he was nice and he is my favorite so far that I've had to see. But...I could be wrong about who I saw at Labor and Delivery that night.

Speaking of pre-term contractions...I've been contracting like CRAZY the past few nights/days. I have actually been kept awake from 3-4AM the past 2 nights because of Braxton-Hicks contractions because there were so many of them. Last night wasn't as bad as the night before...last night I think I fell asleep again within 15-20 minutes, but I had 9 in a row. It was crazy. I know I'm a pre-term contractor, but that's a lot of contractions! By the time I would've gotten to the hospital, they would've been done, that's why I just went to bed. At least I know it's not labor.

Anyway...I'll update after my appointment on the 23rd to let everyone know what's going on and if I'm dilated yet. Starting October 28 I'm allowed to deliver anytime. Keep your fingers crossed for early November...or for them to let me go past the 18th so I can just go naturally for everything!

Oh and for those experienced moms....please give me some pointers on some extra stuff they might ask during the labor process and afterwards. I already know I'm going for a non-medicated labor and delivery (yes, I'm crazy...if you know me and my family, you'll know that's a no brainer that I'm crazy or weird!). I hadn't thought of vaccinations until my friend Dana had brought it up. Of course we're giving her vaccinations that are necessary, but Josh and I aren't in total agreement with ones like the Flu shot and stuff. Those were really the only please please PLEASE ask questions and stuff!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Medical is full of crap!

So they told me I had gestational diabetes. Today I did the testing as I should. I'm still waiting on dinner to do my last test just before bed. Well...they wanted me no more than 120 after big meals and no more than 90 before breakfast.

This morning I was 82. Two hours after breakfast I was like 94. Two hours after lunch I was 81. I don't think I'm diabetic. I think they're full of crap.

Oh and lunch was a Smart Ones Pasta with Alfredo, Chicken and Broccoli. Pasta raises blood sugar levels like crazy...and mine was lower than my morning reading. what's up with that, huh?

I'm going to get a big mac or something for dinner to test that out too. I might continue to test tomorrow, but it depends on how I feel. We'll see. I'll update you more later when I figure it out even more.

Oh and I didn't change a single thing about my diet today. I am eating normally.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Why are they doing this to me?

Okay honestly...I've had some real problems during this pregnancy.

First being I was so tired all the time in my first trimester..and then just after Josh left for a month to sea I started having problems with my heart rate.

Then they need me to be tested for Neural Tube Defects since that part of my Quad Marker Screen came back as a slight positive. So a friend takes me down to Tacoma to get the ultrasound...there's nothing, except Caralyn has a hole in her heart they need to check once a month to make sure it's nothing too serious...and I had Complete Placenta I was put on bed rest and pelvic rest. Okay. The day I found that out, Josh was getting home so I'm not too worried. At least I had someone there with me to deal with it.

So I go back once a month. Then we find out she's "small" and I also need to have her growth checked once a month until she starts growing like an average baby. No problem since I was already going there for my echo every month.

Then my 1 hour glucose test came back slightly elevated (I found out only by about 2 points, which is like nothing), so I have to do the 3 hour glucose test. No problem...except they waited a month before they told one ever got ahold of me!

In my wait for the results, at 29 weeks, I go into pre-term labor. Luckily I didn't start dilating at all I was just having the contractions...the real thing, not the Braxton-Hicks kind! So I'm put on bed rest...again.

So I take my 3 hour glucose test and wait for the results. They never came so I figured I was good. Then just 2 nights ago I get a call from the hospital stating that they "must have slipped through their fingers" because I should've been called a couple weeks ago (I took the test Sept, 19!) to let me know my results were slightly elevated again. I need to go in to learn how to check my blood sugar level 4 times a day and learn how to eat properly.

This is complete bullshit! They're LOOKING for things wrong with me and I'm SICK OF IT! I got over my hypochondria awhile ago and now they're trying to make me worry about every little thing. NOT going to happen! Let me enjoy the last 6 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy for goodness sake!

So I called the lady back yesterday around 1:30PM since that's when I heard from Josh that he couldn't get off to take me to an appointment until today. She NEVER CALLED ME BACK! So he called me before he went to bed last night and I called the other Dr. I had heard from about this and left a message with her. It was after hours so hopefully this morning I'll hear from her and get an appointment to be taken care of.

It's not like I can take the car and drive just anytime. I have to work around Josh's schedule. My belly usually hits the steering wheel now because I'm so short and have to be so close to the wheel anyway. So what am I supposed to do? Work is super busy with pre-deployment stuff (he leaves in early December for 3 months) and he's one of the only ones in his section qualified to stand watches and stuff. It's not his fault his fellow crew members are mess ups!

Josh is also now worried about not being able to get off duty for the Childbirth Education Class we're registered for. He's trying and trying to get someone to stand in for him, but it's also Family Day on the boat (the families tour the's really fun actually, but I wouldn't ever be able to make it this year...I did it last year not a big deal). I will be PISSED if they don't let him out since 2 weeks ago when I scheduled it, they had already given the okay for him to go do it.

GAH! Why is all of this happening NOW? I hate the Navy sometimes, but mainly only during Pre-Deployment!

Oh yeah...Josh is still amazing and I love him more and more every day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He is still the best hubby!

Yesterday Josh comes home from a 34 1/2 hour shift at work and asks me "What do I need to do?" I told him to hop into bed next to me and chill until 5PM then he could work on the wireless computer stuff along with unloading and reloading the dishwasher for me (I try to take turns with this now that I've been feeling a little better). He wanted to jump right into work at home for some reason...but I got him to chill until almost 5PM (which was only 20 minutes).

He then asks me (as we were unloading the dishwasher) what I wanted him to do tomorrow. I just told him he would be taking the items for the nursery up to the nursery. I would really like to have the nursery finished this weekend since there's only 4- 7 weeks until little Caralyn will be joining us in this world. I'm hoping for a November 1 birthday so she can share it with my dad. Or even a November 2 birthday so I could have a wonderful half birthday present!

I can not wait for October 23 to arrive. It can not come soon enough. He starts leave that day and has a whole week off! YAY! He wants to finish the house in that week, which is very possible I think. Well...maybe not the whole garage being done, but close to it..I'll still have "donate" and "freecycle" stuff in there until I can organize it to what everything is so I can post it. I have decided that all my old clothes are going to Goodwill though...instead of going onto

Anyway...that's all.

Oh wait...not it's not!

Heather....THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Nuk starter kit!

Okay...that's all now...

Later alligators!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I love my hubby

Josh is as close to the perfect husband as one can get. My mom disagrees with this since she thinks my dad is, but they are practically one in the same on many levels. I definitely married a good one.

Josh knows I've been really bored lately, especially since during the week I only get to be out of bed to make food and go to the bathroom...otherwise I'm in bed or on the couch. Sometimes I'm on the computer (like now) but he also knows that kills me since sitting up like this gives me contractions too.

Well on Friday and yesterday he got me out of the house. Friday I pushed myself a little too much and was happy that he had duty on Saturday so I could lay around all day and do nothing. Getting food was really hard for me and I almost called him home...but I didn't.

Anyway, Friday Josh got off work early to go to the Gold and Blue Crew picnic. It was fun, but I'm not really friends with any of the wives. I'm trying, but it just doesn't seem to happen for me. After the picnic we went to the bank to transfer money to our Monroe, MI account so we could pay off the debt. We also payed off our credit card. After an hour it was taken care of and we were off to lunch at AppleBees since I didn't get to eat at the picnic and I was starved. Well...what I ordered definitely wasn't what I wanted, so I barely ate my sandwich. Though I did eat my soup and some mozzarella sticks and a piece of popcorn shrimp. I definitely should've went with the Chicken Strips instead of the Turkey thing I got. After we finished eating we went over to Target to get a few things for the baby. We bought her bath and some clothes. I also got the pumps I wanted so when Josh is home, he can help me with those feedings that he so desperately wants to help with :) Then we went home.

Yesterday he took me to breakfast at Sharis (Think Dennys only with better food). It was amazing! They have some great Potato Pancakes...and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Shakes. Mmmmmm. After that we went to church, which I almost didn't make it through, but by the end, I got my second wind (I'm usually napping by 10AM and I was just heading to church...) so we went to Best Buy to look at TVs for Josh's birthday present. I figured if he bought me my laptop (a late b-day present) I can let him get his TV. He found one and I found a TV Stand I liked, so we got them. While there, I sat most of the time one those steps that are used to reach items in high places...well, when Josh left with the manager and another worker he told them why I wasn't coming with them and the manager got me a comfy computer chair to sit in! How sweet was that?

After we got the tv home and everything we headed back out to the mall. I have outgrown most of my clothes, so I needed at least one or two more outfits. We went into Motherhood Maternity and I found pants. I tried them on and BAM they fit! YAY! I also got some undies that actually fit and a sweater also. Then we headed to Lane Bryant to get me sized for a new bra...38G....can you BELIEVE that? This little girl in that big of a bra! I got 2 so I now fit into at least 2 bras. I still have to order the nursing one from their website. At least, for the first time in my life, I have a bra that fits me properly. I'm excited about this....I was so giddy in the store and just afterward.

Then Josh and I went and got me a wheelchair for the rest of the time because I was getting to the point of not being able to walk long without a contraction. We went and got food and then started shopping a bit again. We went to Radio Shack for him...he bought something dealing with computers and some AA batteries for the 2 small flashlights we have. Then we went to That Kitchen Shop and bought a pair of tongs. I'm so happy we have those now. We then returned the wheelchair and walked back toward the entrance we came in at. We stopped at Spencers and bought 2 onsies and a maternity shirt for me. I love the shirt. It's an ultrasound picture and the baby is giving the bird. It's cute. I'm wearing it to my ultrasound on Thursday :)

Today is a chill day for the most part. I'll be laying around and watching TV on the new one. I have choir tonight at 5:45PM. It's the first practice so I really want to be there. Josh is making sure he's home by 5:30PM to take me...I can't drive anymore...I don't fit most days (if she's towards my back I fit, but she's been at the front a lot lately).

Tomorrow Josh has duty...I need to go grocery shopping, but I need Josh to do that with me, so maybe Wednesday after he gets off work. Thursday I'm down in Tacoma for my last ultrasound (I am refusing any others unless they are at Bremerton so I'm more comfortable...I hate driving an hour just for an ultrasound once a month!) after the u/s we're going to lunch and stopping at Baby's R Us and then heading home (unless Amanda doesn't mind going up to Everett to pick up a stroller/carseat combo from our friend Brandi). Friday Josh has duty, so another lazy day.

Sounds fun huh? I'm getting out a little more...which is so nice. I love it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bed Rest is annoying

So I've been on bed rest for about 2 weeks now...and let me tell you...I'm bored out of my mind! And because I'm so bored, I'm annoyed all the time.

I want to clean my house, it disgusts me. My friend said she would come over and help me clean, or clean it by herself, but I don't want my friends cleaning my house for me. I don't even want Josh cleaning my house for me. It is MY job, not theirs! I know it's not my fault that I can't clean it, but it irks me that others have to do my job. So...slowly but surely the house is being picked up and cleaned.

Josh and I are working on the bedroom on Sunday if I feel up to it. I want all my pre-pregnancy clothes out of my closet and drawers unless they will still cover my stomach with a tank top under them.

I'm not a very big pregnant woman...that's for sure. People mistake me for being 4 - 4 1/2 months pregnant instead of 7 3/4 all the time. I think the most someone has said is 5 months, and that was 2 weeks ago...and I don't think my stomach has grown anymore since then.

The only thing really getting me through all of this is watching Caralyn move in my stomach. I love laying on the couch while she's active and just watching my stomach move. It brings me great joy, and sometimes pain, to see her and know she's okay.

I'm also having irrational fears right my parents and his not being able to make the birth. I have a feeling that I'm going to have her between the end of October and beginning of November. I'll be surprised if I make it past November 15. It's just a feeling I have...but I really want my mom and dad to be here when she arrives. I'm also scared that Josh won't have any bonding time with us before he leaves in December...especially if she does wait until 40+ weeks to come...That bonding time is important for a dad and he needs to be here for it. Sometimes I hate the Navy.

And what if Josh and my parents leave right around the same time and I get overwhelmed? It's not like I have many friends out here to help me. I really will need my mom or Josh. I know it's irrational and I'll do okay, but what if what everyone thinks (including myself) is wrong? What if I'm not really cut out to have my own kids and I'm a horrible mother, especially at first? I know how to deal with older kids...but babies...I've never been around babies except Liam, but I got to give him back.

I'm not really scared of the labor and delivery...I mean, I am a little, but that's normal. I'm going to try to do a natural birth...I hate medication on a normal day, so why would I put pain killers into my body that could affect my baby too? I am a little nervous about the tearing thing and having to have stitches "down there", but women sometimes go through that and they manage to deal with it...I just think it'll hurt to go to the bathroom with stitches there...and what about infections and stuff? Could be bad...

I do want to do the Childbirth class that is offered by the Naval Hospital, but I don't know that I'm going to be able to. 1) It's mid October and 2) I don't know if Josh will have duty on that specific Saturday. Granted, they do have 4 Wednesday classes throughout October, I know Josh will have duty for at least one of those classes, so it's better for us to do the all day Saturday class...but if Josh can't go...I'm screwed.

Well...that's all for can all call me out about how irrational and stupid I'm being. It won't upset me...I promise.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't scare me like that!

So...I'm on a relaxed bed rest schedule right now.

On Wednesday I called Josh home from work because I was still feeling bad and weird. He took me to Labor and Delivery and about an hour after I got there, got into a room and hooked up to the monitors. Caralyn was great, but I was having contractions.

I was in there from about 1:30PM until 7PM because I continued to have contractions, but I wasn't dilating at all, so that part was good.

I did have a couple that were big and hurt a little, but the Dr.s said that if it only hurt a little, I was going to be a champ when I'm actually in labor. I guess one of them would've made most women cry or something. They didn't point the contractions out to me either, I just didn't know what they were until I was hooked up to the machine and realized that it wasn't Caralyn's head or bottom pressing up on my stomach.

So yesterday I felt like crap. Anytime I'm sitting too long or standing to long or even get up for a few minutes, I start having contractions...just little ones, but still...they're there. I spent yesterday on the couch, only getting up to use the restroom and to get food...and of course to go to my "follow up" appointment, where they did nothing that they were supposed to.

Today is Josh's birthday. He has duty today, which sucks, but I think I'll call him a little later (especially if I'm having a hard time with things) and at least wish him a Happy Birthday and tell him I love him. He made me mad this morning, so it slipped my mind.

Now, I know things like this shouldn't make me mad anymore, but him calling me weird because I have like super really gets to me...and he knows why does he do it? Especially before 6AM? I was actually happy that he was leaving for the whole day and night when he left.

Today is going to be a chill day. I'm hoping to be able to be online for awhile, but I've already been on for over an hour, so I might not be on much longer...which sucks...but that's life. I can't wait to get a laptop!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I hate when I wake up at 2:30AM and can't go back to sleep because I have realized I need to take care of business that day.

This morning I realized that Josh and I are being completely unrealistic about this house stuff right now. We can not afford a $200,000 house right now...and the ones we're looking at are up to $250,000 because we want a decent house in the area. It's too expensive.

If we want to just use BAH for mortgage and pay utilities out of pocket, we would have to go down to about $175,000 maybe a little more. We don't have a down payment at the moment, so that doesn't help.

So I emailed our real estate agent (who is absolutely fabulous) and let him know my concerns.

With the house we want, we would be paying BAH + $500 (approx) out of pocket...which would leave us with what we've got right now...then adding utilities (water, sewer, trash, heat, etc.) on top of that...we would have less than what we have now...and Josh and I can barely live on that alone...and we're expecting a baby in 2 that's less money for us to live on. That wouldn't be a good situation in my eyes.

Hopefully Marty will understand and be willing to look for decent but lower priced houses. I know it won't be our dream home (which we've already fairly well found) but it will do for a starter home.

If Josh doesn't approve of the homes we look at with the lower prices, we'll wait a year or so, so that we can have a decent down payment and then start looking at the higher priced homes again. But for now, I guess I'm just going to have to deal with no room unless Marty can find something good in a lower budget.

That's all really. Hopefully I'll be able to take a nap in a little while...I've been up for 4 1/2 hours already today. Of course, if my stomach doesn't subside in the tightness and my eyes don't straighten out soon, I'll be calling the hubby to take me to the hospital to get checked out. I was weird all day yesterday and it's starting off that way today already again. At least I don't feel like bile is coming up my throat right now. That is a godsend.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

House Hunters

That's what Josh and I are at the moment. We are hunting for a house that will work for the next few years...probably more like 10+. We love this area of Washington and we would be SUPER happy to live here for good...but I do only want a starter house.

We have to have 3+ bedrooms and 1.5+ bathrooms. I need a decent kitchen...nothing too small...

Well, I think we've found one. I know it's expensive, but we're putting our limit to $250,000 because it's expensive out here for something nice. I did find the PERFECT house, but it was over $1million! Crazy huh?

So the house we're going to go look at (ASAP) is a bit ugly, but it suits our needs and we can always redo as much as we want really. Right? I mean, we will be owning it! This is the link for it I don't know why I like it so much, but I really do. I"m excited to go look at it.

I also like this one, though it seems a little weird to have the second kitchen, though I know it might come in handy at some point (like for Thanksgiving if we ever would have it here again after Caralyn is born). I think I'm going to contact the agent on that one, even though Josh hasn't seen it yet.

One of the old Chiefs on Josh's boat is a real estate agent also...I think I'm going to email him today too. I want to see what he can find for us. Of course, he knows what the schedule is like on the boat, so it's not like he won't work with us.

Well...I'm out for now. Nothing new on the baby front. I do have an appointment tomorrow for an ultrasound to check the hole in her heart and to make sure she's growing appropriately (she's small, so they have to keep checking me every month). Talk to y'all later!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend!

Josh had yesterday and today off work! YAY!

Yesterday we went to church when he got home from work. It was a good time. We have decided to move our church membership from Zion Lutheran in Monroe, MI to Christ the King Lutheran in Silverdale, WA. I no longer feel Monroe as my true home, here in WA is where we want to stay, so why not start taking care of that stuff?

After church we went to see Babylon AD with Vin Diesel. That was an excellent movie, in my opinion.

We then ventured to Toys R Us to pick up an outfit Josh found last week for Caralyn. It's so cute. It's ballerina stuff.

Grocery shopping was next, it was tedious as always, but I stuck to my list this time. We tried grocery shopping on Friday, but nothing looked or sounded good to me, so I picked up mainly junk food for munching. So not good for the baby.

By the time we got everything put away it was time to go to the Michigan Dr. block party at Tabby's house. Tabby is my old friend. I am partly to blame for our friendship ending, but not fully. I did hurt her because I was scared and thought of myself. We haven't talked since I found out I was pregnant about 6 months ago. We were invited, so we went and had a good time. We were both hospitable towards each other.

At the BBQ I saw a girl that I knew from South Carolina. It just so happens her name is also Stevi, just minus the E. We had fun catching up and talking. Around 9PM or so we left because my back and hips couldn't handle the camping chairs anymore...I needed somewhere much more comfortable. So, we went home and to bed.

All in all, it was a nice day.

No clue what's on the agenda for today. I was thinking of calling my Aunt Boots and Uncle Chuck to see if we could go up to Sequim today, but I don't want to be one of those last minute people...which is hard because I never know when Josh has off work. I know the last week of September he's supposed to have leave, so maybe I'll call for then in a couple weeks.

Well, that's really all. Tomorrow marks 7 months pregnant. It's really exciting and scary at the same time. I have an appointment Friday to check growth and to see if there has been any improvement on the hole in Caralyn's heart. I really hope so for both.

Talk to y'all later!

Have a fun and great time!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Talk about crash and burn!

Yesterday I had things to do. First was taking Josh to the training facility at 6:30AM.

I went directly to the hospital to the lab to get my glucose testing done. It was the one hour test. I drank the glucola (flavored with orange) and sat and read for awhile...then I got REALLY jittery. I
went to the hallway between the hospital and family care center (where all the information is) and called my mom and paced until the hour was almost up and I wasn't feeling as jittery. I went back to sit down my remaining 10 minutes and couldn't sit still or concentrate on reading my book. I hated that sugar high feeling. I guess that's what I get for not eating at 6AM before doing this test.

After the blood was drawn I went to my chiropractor appointment. I was there early, so I ate my green beans and a couple bites of pasta salad. I finally wasn't jittery so I read a little more of my chapter in my book before he opened. It felt sooooo good to finally get adjusted and not hurt all over...especially in my lower back.

I went home and took a shower and went back to bed. I normally nap between 8 and 9 if I get up before 7AM. It was 10:30AM when I finally went back to sleep. It was nice sleeping next to my husband...that's for sure. I woke up around 1:30PM and went downstairs to be with Sparrow. I layed on the couch the rest of the day, feeling SUPER tired.

When Josh left at around 9PM for work, I went upstairs, finished my chapter in my book and crashed yet again. I watched CSI before going to bed (well a lot of them, but the 8-9 one was REALLY creepy) so I barely slept at all. I kept waking up every hour or more. I realized I hadn't checked the door before going up to bed about an hour later (so around 10PM) and when I went downstairs, it was open a crack. That along with the CSI REALLY freaked me out...I think that's why I couldn't sleep. So I shut and locked it and checked the house for intruders. I even checked the nursery.

Josh arrived home at 5:30AM or so. I heard him downstairs and asked if it was him...even though I knew it was just by his sneeze. I finally fell asleep and didn't wake up until almost 8AM. I was so relieved to have gotten a few hours sleep in a row instead of just a couple minutes here and there...though I'm thinking a nap wouldn't do me too bad right about now still.

But the main reason to this blog was the crash I felt after that horrible glucose test. The high scared the crap out of me...I hated feeling that was almost as bad as when I actually got high from smoking weed was horrible...I never did it again because I hated the high so much...but coming down from the glucola was HORRIBLE...I didn't think I was going to be awake at all yesterday after getting home from the chiropractor...that's how bad it was. I don't eat/drink sugary things very it was REALLY bad to me...but it's a necessary evil when you're pregnant I guess.

That's all. I know I skipped a bit towards the end, but I'm still tired. I should probably go lay down on the couch and cuddle with Sparrow some more and maybe fall asleep...but I'm waiting for Josh to get back home. When I woke up, he was gone, so I figure he had to go back for more training this morning. He better not have to go in until 10PM again tonight or I'll be mad.

Later y'all! I'll post pics of the nursery soon enough. I just have to remember to bring the camera down. It's only basics (bed, futon for me, changing table, dresser in closet) but it's a start.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A little more real

Josh put together the crib and changing table (I think we're going to go buy the changing table that goes with the crib...I'm not feeling the one my Aunt Patty bought at a garage sale). It made it so much more real to me...seeing it in the room, put together. It's crazy to me.

Up until now, I've known what's happening inside of me and known what it meant, but it wasn't really real until I saw the nursery coming together. I can't wait to see the end result of the room. I can't wait for my mom and dad to be here to help with last minute stuff and to see their first grandchild born. I can't wait for my brother and his girlfriend to hold Caralyn for the first time. I can't wait to surprise Kacee with a ticket out to see her and be with the family for Thanksgiving...that is if there's enough room at the place my parents are staying. Who knows.

That's really all. I need to get some breakfast in me. I'm waking Josh up no later than noon and we'll be going to Target to get a few things.

Friday, August 22, 2008


The nursery that is. There are a few baby things in there and the futon, but everything else is gone.

The only thing I have "done" really is the closet. I have the dresser and a plastic tower in there. I need some box things for the cubbies in there still though. I'm thinking pale blue and green will go great so I'll continue to use that theme.

Today after work Josh said he would put up the crib and changing table in there. I have to buy a few things before I really start putting the place together...but it's really almost done. I can't believe how close to done it is.

I just need the bins, dresser handles, curtain rod, shelves and a waste basket. I'm sure I need more than that, but at this moment in time, that's all I can think of that I need. Of course, there's still the other things that go with the nursery theme (like light plate cover and stuff) but those can be bought at a later time. I want the curtain rod and dresser handles ASAP.

Well...that's really all. The rest of my house is a disaster that needs cleaning and organizing badly. It will get done, but until then...I don't think I'm having anyone over...which sucks because I was going to go get dressing for Pasta Salad today and invite Glaser over for dinner. I think he could use a good home cooked meal...and I still haven't met him and I would really like to. I've met his wife and 2 beautiful daughters, but not him.

Later y'all!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

6 1/2 months

That's how far along in my pregnancy I am today. I can't believe I've been carrying a little girl inside of me for this long. It doesn't seem possible.

It also doesn't seem possible that in just a couple more months I will have that little girl in my arms. It's really coming down to the last bit of it, and I'm more scared now than I was even the day I found out I was pregnant.

We just started working on the nursery a couple days ago. I know, I know...shouldn't I have started that awhile ago? I think so, but this whole pregnancy I've been tired...too tired to do anything really, so I'm finally forcing myself to do things.

So the nursery used to be the office, the desk and computer have been down in our living room for awhile now. I've unpacked some boxes to see what all is in them, and I'm starting to throw things out and organize what needs to be put away and stuff. Its' coming along really fast. As soon as we bring down the last bit of office things, we'll be able to start putting the crib up and everything else. It's amazing. It's only taken us about 3 days to do this.

Josh is nervous about Caralyn being here so soon too. We wanted to have most of the house finished before she arrived, but I don't know if that's going to happen or not. We'll see. There's really only a few more things I need to do and the house is completely done...other than the normal cleaning and tidying up on a regular basis.

That's really all for this entry. I don't know what else to really put down.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long, hard day

That was yesterday.

At 12:30AM I woke up with severe stomach cramping and knotty pains. I took a shower thinking it might help relax me, it didn't. So I woke Josh up and had him get me a couple Granola Bars, that didn't help either. Finally around 1:30AM I decided it was time to go to the hospital since it wasn't getting any better or worse.

We were there fairly fast since it's just a few exits from where we live. We made it up to the Labor and Delivery floor and I got right into a room and hooked up to some monitors that showed if I was having contractions and also Caralyn's heartbeat. Everything looked fine.

Finally around 4:30AM (after getting blood drawn and everything coming back normal) we were released. I felt bad for Josh since he barely got any sleep and he was supposed to be getting up for work in an hour. We got home at 5AM and went to bed. He woke up at 6:45AM to call the boat to see if he could get the day off since he had been up for basically 3 days in a row (he had duty, then stayed up with me, then the hospital thing) and they let him stay home to take care of me. I stayed up since I had to make a call at 7AM to see the Dr. for my sore throat.

I went to my 9:10AM Chiropractor appointment, came home and slept for an hour then left for my 11:25AM Dr. appointment. I was in and out of the Dr.s office, which was pretty cool. She gave me Suddafed and some Saline Spray. I took the Suddafed twice and all that was left was allergy stuff (watery eyes, itchy throat and ears, sneezing like crazy, etc.) so this morning I took my Claratin instead and so far, I feel so much better than I did yesterday.

I slept for a couple hours after getting home from the Dr. yesterday. Then I fell asleep on the couch for a couple more hours. Then I went up to bed around 7PM and was asleep before the second round of Jeopardy! Teen Tournament. I slept until 4:30AM today...And I might just sleep for awhile again today since that's when I feel the best. LoL!

That's really all the updates I have. Josh is on duty today and I have a Check Up for the baby tomorrow morning. I know how those check ups go, so I'll be in and out with no new information.

Later y'all!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

A little about me

Well, let's see...I'm going to be one of those boring people that actually tell you about myself in the first blog I write on here. I's so cliche', but that's me I guess.

My name is Stevie Luplow. I was born on May 2, 1984, which makes me 24 years old. I married my husband, Josh, on December 30,'s been a rough time so far, but I think we've got the happy thing down now. On March 18, 2008 I found out I was pregnant with our first child! This is VERY exciting for us since it's what we've been wanting for quite some time now (since we were just dating even). My due date is November 25.

My family and friends are some of the most important people in my life. They influence most of my decisions in some way and have always been there for me. They keep me calm when I want to scream at the top of my lungs and freak out over anything. The latest problem that they've kept me calm on is the fact my little Caralyn has a hole in her heart. My mom reassures me all the time that it will be okay. I'm more calm and okay with this than my husband is, who is worried that she will be taken from us because of the hole. I don't know how to comfort him. That's hard.

I was a dancer for 16 years of my life. I loved it so very much, but an ankle injury forced me to quit. I would love to go back to it someday, but that will be in the future after my little girl is grown up enough.

I also am a singer. I used to want to try professionally singing, but it has never happened, and I will never regret not trying harder than I did. My marriage to Josh was so much more important to me.

I love to watch TV and movies....just about anything really. I do watch a lot of shows on the Sci Fi channel since it's Josh's favorite. I'm still into the "teenager" type shows like The Secret Life Of An American Teenager, Smallville, 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, etc. As for movies, some of my favorites include Dirty Dancing, Save The Last Dance, Now and Then, Hairspray, Donnie Darko, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Chronicles of Narnia, The Golden Compass, Stardust, etc. I love so many of both TV shows and movies, I can't really list them all.

If you want to know anything more about me, just ask. I will answer any and all questions.