Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not to complain or anything...

But I'm so sick of not having alone time to do things I need to do!

I want to take a long relaxing shower and actually have time to shave! I want to be able to clean my room without Caralyn following behind me and destroying it again as soon as I finish. Same thing for the dining and living rooms. I want to cook without hearing Caralyn scream bloody murder for not being able to be in the kitchen with me. I want to be online for more than just a few moments at a time to email Josh a good long email letting him know how everything really is around here and how much I miss and love him. I want to lay on the couch and maybe take a nap and relieve some of this pain I'm in from Alaric being in a weird position. I would like to go to the hospital to be checked out to make sure the pain is normal and maybe get on some new meds so I can be out of pain for the majority of the day since Tylenol isn't doing anything for me.

These things won't happen anytime soon and I know it, but it would be nice. Josh did so much for me while he was home the last few months that I feel so overwhelmed with exhaustion. Just taking a shower alone would be nice. I can deal with the rest really (other than the hospital stuff since I can't deal with Cara while being monitored). The only bad part of Josh being so helpful is that he worried so much about how I would do alone that he put me into pre-term labor for a couple weeks before he left. I have only had a little labor since he left which is nice...but now I don't know if because of the pre-term labor I'm not feeling the contractions as hard as I should. I have to wait for my water to break again.

Anyway, just a little complaint blog even though I hate complaining when Josh is gone. It's not that I can't handle him being away, it's just the end of pregnancy hormones getting to me really. I'm always frustrated at the's just how I am I guess. Worse this time because of how he is positioned and because I have a toddler already to drive me nuts. LoL!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Horton-Schroeder Wedding

This evening is my cousin's wedding. She is going from a Dr. Seuss character to a Peanuts character. These guys definitely fit the bill for the comedy of it. My family (well her family I guess) is hilarious. Her dad is a comedian and an Elvis impersonator. He is wonderful at what he does in the professional world too. The rest is for fun, but man oh man, if I don't shake my son out from laughing tonight, I will be amazed! Chris is a pretty funny guy too, I don't know his family, just him. He's a good guy. I'm glad Jess has found him. If he ever hurts her, I will kill him, though I know the line is probably extremely long for that.

I can not believe that a year ago I was talking about the wedding and looking forward to spending their wedding evening with my wonderful husband and daughter. Things surely change in a year. Tonight I will be spending time with my daughter and enjoying their wedding immensely but I will have to send pictures to my husband so he can live it through me. This is day 5 of an up to 15 week underway. He had to leave 3 weeks early. I'm not complaining but it definitely sucks. Josh and I haven't been to a wedding together since our own almost 5 years ago. He loves this part of my family like crazy too so he's rather sad. I think he's mainly sad that he doesn't get to pick on my cousin Meghan relentlessly. He misses being able to be himself around someone other than me. Meghan is the perfect target and she fires them back which he loves even more! They can play off each other for hours, and of course big brother Tim loves it too.

I don't know what I'm more excited for...seeing Jess get married to Chris or seeing the whole family at once. I haven't been up to Sequim since Thanksgiving so I haven't seen Jess, Chris, Jenn, Aunt Lynn, Uncle Guy, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Boots, Aunt Laura and Uncle Bill in a LONG time. It's been even longer for Aunt Margie, Tim and Meghan...and I'm FINALLY meeting Uncle Terry for the first time (they live in Colorado). And yet longer for Aunt Sue, Uncle Len, Andrew and Adam, though I've seen Andrew once more than the rest of them since he came out when Cara was younger (they live in Illinois). I don't know if there are more people for me to meet or not. I think my cousins Doug and Heather may be coming out with their parents, if they are, I haven't seen them since the summer after 3rd grade. CRAZY!

After today, my little boy can come anytime he wants and I'll be happy. I just do NOT want to miss this wedding and family time. Cara and I have mostly matching dresses to wear. Hers is a block print while mine isn't. Hers has a Navy Blue in it and mine doesn't, but we will look good together for sure. Right now she's sleeping so peaceful that I have to continuously look behind me to see her precious face. I can not wait to meet her brother and have two babies to do this to. Only a month and 2 days until I'm that adds up to 4 weeks and 6 days technically I do not know, but that's what it is. I turned 35 weeks yesterday.

I was having pre-term labor every day for at least 6 hours for a month before Josh left, but now that he's gone and the stress level is lower, I haven't been in labor at all. 4 days of no's amazing! I haven't rested this well in a long time. I hope the stress of getting to Tacoma and everything doesn't put me over the edge for labor today. I refuse to go to the hospital unless my water breaks right now though. I won't even time my contractions unless it gets too horribly bad. Luckily I will have family around if something does happen today! Cara will be in wonderful hands.

Anyway, need to go email Josh and get directions to the wedding location...a rooftop in Tacoma at's going to be amazing! This family does nothing half assed! That's for sure!