Saturday, November 29, 2008

She is the most beautiful baby in the world!

So....I haven't been online in a few days.

I had Caralyn on November 24 at 12:48PM. She is 7 lbs 6.6 oz and 19.8 inches long. She has a full head of dark brown hair (that runs in Josh's family).

My water broke at 2AM. We were at the hospital by 3AM and they started pitocin (since I didn't start labor on my own) around 6AM. I did eventually get an epidural and about an hour after it was started I had her.

The midwife that delivered her told Josh later that she had never seen a woman with an epidural do so well with pushing as I did. That made me happy to know that even if I can't feel what I'm doing, I am doing it and doing it well. I was determined to hold my baby as fast as I could.

Josh was wonderful at coaching me once he woke up (I let him sleep through the earlier contractions, knowing I would need him more once they REALLY started happening....) I couldn't have asked for a better coach. He was just absolutely amazing...and he kept his strength for me to use.

While I was getting the epidural, I guess they jabbed me with the needle like 8 times...I thought it was only 3, but I was wrong. I do have scabs on my back from it...and the spot they finally got it in was quite a bit higher. Luckily the local they gave me for that worked like a charm...I never felt anything. Josh was upset though and wanted to deck the lady giving it to me.

I had some problems while getting the epidural vitals went down considerably before it was even in. As soon as it was in they had me lay back and get on oxygen. They also had to do an internal monitor for Caralyn because they couldn't find her with the external. It was crazy. Josh found the scab from that yesterday and almost freaked until he realized what it was from. LoL!

Today is her first wellness check. I hope we've done a good enough job with her so far. She has been eating like crazy the last couple days and last night, she actually slept most of the night away :) I got sleep along with my nap before bed! YAY! I'm still a bit tired, but I think that's because I'm pushing myself too much.

The day I came home from the hospital (Wednesday) I went to my mom and dad's rental place. The next day we were over there again for Thanksgiving. Yesterday I went to get my flu shot (though I have to go back Monday for it now), went to lunch with family, went to Target (yes, I know it's stupid to shop on black friday) and then finally home.

Todays plans are to stay home except the wellness appointment...we'll see how that goes with it being Penny, Seth and Rachel's last day here. Tomorrow I'll be chillin in Sequim probably then at home. It's going to be nice to just relax next week.

Well I'm out. One handed typing is not my strong suit...and my baby girl is so much better than the internet.


  1. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys!

  2. YEAH!!!! Pictures, please.

    Get as much rest as you can.