Friday, November 14, 2008

Small Update

So, still no baby, which is okay at the moment.

I was checked again yesterday at my appointment (I'm going weekly now) and the midwife said I was almost at 3cm and asked if I wanted her to strip the membranes. I said "sure" since I know that sometimes helps get labor going....I figure anything to help it along! Well, after that I was a definite 3cm and possibly a little more, along with almost completely thinned that's cool!

I lost my mucus plug yesterday too...definitely not a pretty sight, but oh happens.

We also picked our induction day if she doesn't come early. It will be November 21, cousin Jess' birthday :) We needed it after Wednesday since Josh has a qualification board to do that day and can't get leave until afterwards, so I figure since that was the 19th, I would go for the next birthday of a family member, which was the 21st. If there wasn't a family birthday I would've asked for the 25th since I think that's a sweet day for some reason. Don't know why, but Josh really wanted her to come early. I still have a small hope after the membrane sweep thing.

Anyway, I'm off...just wanted to update you all.

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  1. Nov. 22nd is my mom's birthday, hehe. I hope you have her soon hon, I know how hard it is too wait! *Huggles*