Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just shy of 1 year...I am still alive...I promise!

So last I wrote, Zane was about 9 weeks old. Things were crazy hectic this last year. I had things to write but no time...or I was too stressed and I really didn't want that to come across on here.

So many things have changed. Yes, we had many changes last blog post...the birth of Zane, Caralyn starting school, Josh getting out of the Navy after just shy of 9 years, Josh moving to Oregon while the kids and I stayed in Washington, the stress of traveling back and forth every weekend so we could have some kind of family time together, doing a short sale on our house (that in and of itself is a HUGE stress and headache), dealing with the movers all by myself while dealing with the end of the year craziness, finding a place to stay for a few days between the house being closed on and my last orthodontic appointment to have my braces removed, and continuing finding places to stay when we needed or wanted to go back up for visits (thankfully the family that allowed us to stay after school kept us every time we went back). Then I had to register Caralyn and Alaric for this upcoming school year with their new (public...EEK!) school, find new doctors (still haven't looked into dentists...I need to...or a doctor or dentist for myself!), get old records and start to unpack the tiny 3 bedroom apartment we moved into from a 4 bedroom house. Josh took over bills for me so I didn't stress over that too.

We moved into the apartment on June 1, we still have boxes in a lot of places, but it is feeling a lot more like home. It's nice. I'm hoping we can continue to afford rent here for at least another year or two so we can stay. I really like it here. Of course, we will need to eventually find a bigger place so Cara has her own room. Right now all three kids are in one room and the third room is the office/toy room. The hallway closet is filled with toys appropriate for Zane to play with too so when we get out gates up, he can be in there. Right now, he's confined to the living room with some of his toys and we bring others to him when we think he needs a change.

So...I was thinking I might update starting with October, but then I was thinking...I didn't write since July of last year really so maybe August of last year would be a good time to start. Either way, the older two are in school all day and Zane takes at least one nap a day so I should be able to get some writing done over the next few days/weeks to get myself remembering all the good times of the last year+ and update anyone that wants an update :)'s to that!


Alaric's 4th Birthday. He chose to go to the mall play place :) Love that boy!

Fresh from the oven

13 hours old, baptized, with his God Parents

Baptized by our pastor at CtK, so happy his wife could join us again :) She was there for Alaric's too!

You FINALLY came out to meet us! Welcome to our family!

At 5 days old, we went to our favorite place, MoonDogs, Too for Open Mic to meet Harmonica Dave. He had never held a baby this small and it was just amazing to see. This is what he wore to his first introduction of great food and music :)
Jaja and Pipi came out for almost a full month. The kids talked them into an actual tea party. Mommy and Daddy were NOT invited! We still had our own while watching them enjoy their time with my parents. It warmed my heart.

These were the goods they got. My mom had even found actual tea cups in the rental house they were in. How awesome! Most of these were bought, but my mom did make no bake cookies (my favorites!) for them. They're mini!

And that was August. It was a lot of time with my parents. My Godparents were out visiting my Aunt Sue's parents, brother, sister and families so they came to the rental house, had lunch and spent a wonderful afternoon with us all. I was so happy they got to meet Zane before they left for Illinois again. I would love to see them again sometime soon. This last time they were out didn't work out for either of us. Hopefully next year it will work out :)

So the September post will be about the same...mostly pictures with captions. I love pictures. I love using my camera (no matter which camera it is...even my phone...). I love capturing those memories and moments.

Oh...and one more lovely tidbit of information. The day Zane was born, he also "watched" (read slept through) his first movie. The nurses laughed when they found out that just hours after giving birth I was watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with my husband while holding my newborn son all snuggled into the hospital bed...oh and eating Subway (thank you hon!)

Gotta love those little memories that can make me smile at the mere thought of them :)

I'm outta here! Time to go spend some time catching up on TV shows and cuddling with the hubby before bed. Have a great night y'all!


What do you remember doing after giving birth to your kids?