Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Michigan Trip so far

So we’re in Michigan right now, as I’m typing. This past weekend we went to Frankenmuth/Saginaw to see his dad, step mom, grandparents and some other family members. In the last blog I was worried about how it would pan out. I am no longer too worried. We had a very enjoyable time there.

I was still very uncomfortable around Josh’s Grandma and it felt like she was trying the least she could to be civil to me, but it’s better than it has been in the past. I had a couple “hi”s and “bye”s from her and not much inbetween. I think the most was her offering me sauerkraut when I asked Josh for a couple bites of his at dinner Friday night. We got “I love you”s from her too, but I know they were mainly at Josh and that’s okay. At least she was civil and didn’t completely ignore the fact that I was there.

The only thing that irked the daylights out of me is what she said to Josh after church. She told him to keep in touch with his siblings, as if he hasn’t been trying since he got back from underway! He just told her that he could only keep in touch as much as they let him. I’m glad he stood up for himself that way, even if it was just a little something. He has been trying and it’s not our fault that Caleb and Holly won’t return phone calls, Instant Messages or emails. I mean, before my “enough is enough” blog, I thought Caleb, Holly and I were fine…I don’t know what the heck I did to ruin that, but nothing is ever their fault so I’m sure I did something without knowing it. Maybe it’s because I still talk to “THAT” side of the family…or because I didn’t take their side of things…who knows. I did nothing wrong, so I will not apologize again…it is their turn. And as for how they’re treating Josh…there is no reason for it. Josh has had nothing to do with the whole situation…the only connection? He’s my husband. It just makes me so mad that they’re this immature. My child seems to grasp maturity and the difference between right and wrong better than them and she’s not even 17 months old yet.

On the good side of things…Friday we got to Frankenmuth and saw Josh’s Grandpa Dorcey. We always love seeing him. He’s a hoot and a half! After that stop we went to see Jeff and Jeanine and to put our things up. Seth was there and we met his girlfriend Brooke. She was really nice from what I could tell. Around 6PM Grandma and Papa Luplow were there and we decided on food. We went to the Bavarian Inn and it was WONERFUL! I was craving roast beef (ewww!) so I got that. It was pretty good. I was surprised.

Saturday we went around downtown Frankenmuth. We went to the Bavarian Inn and Lodge and let Cara play in the play area for awhile. She seemed to enjoy that immensely. We ate at the Ratskeller for lunch. I had a WONERFUL burger and fries. I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. I haven’t had a good burger like that in a long time. We walked downtown and I got to buy my fudge, which I was sooooo happy about! I even got to get my mom some Sugar Free fudge, which doesn’t taste like fudge, but it’s good anyway! She got SF Chocolate and I got Mint Chip, German Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Rocky Road. The 4 non SF varieties were to share between me, Josh, my dad and Kacee…also my Aunt Patty if she really wanted some. Cara’s been enjoying a little bit of it too.

Sunday we got up for 8AM service at St. Paul’s (I believe) in Saginaw for Grandma’s birthday. It was a very enjoyable service. When Cara needed changed Josh took her so I could pay attention to service (he’s a wonderful husband like that…he’s amazing and way too good to me!). He kept her downstairs after that to play because I guess she turned into an imp after getting changed. She was a tired little imp after service and was being buttheadish but still so cute! After service we went back to Jeff and Jeanine’s and changed, ate breakfast and hung around until about 12:30PM. We then headed to Bronner’s since we couldn’t get ahold of Grandpa Dorcey. I picked out my new Christmas Tree topper and bought it then left. We got to look around the place a little too. I forgot how huge that place was! We picked up McDonald’s then headed back to my mom and dad’s house.

While we were eating breakfast and a little while afterwards we talked about the sermon and the Caleb stuff. Josh had talked to Jeff about my previous blog before I had gotten down to the kitchen (I packed up while Cara slept on the couch downstairs). I don’t know the conversation, but I hope Jeff understands things a little better. Only God knows for sure. After breakfast while we were sitting around the table Josh told Jeff about Anna getting in contact with him and meeting Brad, Shell, Anna, Samantha and the rest of that part of our family. It’s a huge relief to me that Josh finally told him. I’ve been urging him to do it for awhile, but I understand why Josh was nervous to do so. Jeff took it well and seemed happy that we found another extension of our family. Our family is huge and I love it so much. I feel so blessed to have the family I have, that I have married into and that I am making with Josh. It’s one of God’s amazing gifts that just fill me with awe and wonder.

On the Monroe side of things, life’s been great here. We’ve been staying with my parents. We get to see Penny, Mark and Alea as much as possible. We’ve seen some wonderful friends. I do hate that some people haven’t gotten in touch with us, but I understand that life happens and I can’t see everyone. I would need a year here to do that…and I’m not willing to live here for another year. LoL!

We have taken Cara to Munson Park a couple times. The first time Seth and Alea came out with Chulo and Chloe. The second we saw an old friend and his daughter, which was really nice. I wish I were able to be closer to him like I used to be, but it’s impossible. We have gone to dinner at Mongolian BBQ (my favorite!) and Cracker Barrel. We had Easter lunch at a Mexican place with Penny, Mark and Seth which was great. We’ve gone to the mall to walk around a couple times. I’ve gotten to go out with my mom to shop for new clothes for Cara and Alaric along with going to lunch at Olga’s with her just like old times. We went to Livonia and ate at Steak ‘N Shake with Bryan, then Josh went back to Detroit later that evening to see him again hosting Karaoke. My Aunt JoAnne came to my parents house to visit…I got to go to my friend Sarah’s ultrasound with her and her mom…it’s just been a great visit.

We only have a couple more plans. We are having dinner with our dear friends tonight. Bryan and his girlfriend are supposed to come down on Friday sometime to see us and then Josh and I will be going to karaoke for a little while with Cassie and Jeff. I’m so excited and can’t wait!

The only things I do have to do before we leave are go to see my Pipi and try to get ahold of my Aunt Pat and Uncle Keith so we can go say hi to them. I have to eat at least one Vince’s Chili Dog and eat some Fried Cauliflower from Blue Streak…after that, I’ll be satisfied, though I would LOVE to eat at Mongolian BBQ again before we leave…there is nowhere in Washington that compares to that place. Not even close!

I shall wrap up for now. I may write again about the rest of the trip after I get home. I don’t know. It’s taken me two tries to actually finish this…and the second I’ve been tired and it looks like it isn’t as well put together as the first time…I could be wrong, but I just am not happy with it, but oh well! ‘Tis life!