Monday, September 29, 2008

I love my hubby

Josh is as close to the perfect husband as one can get. My mom disagrees with this since she thinks my dad is, but they are practically one in the same on many levels. I definitely married a good one.

Josh knows I've been really bored lately, especially since during the week I only get to be out of bed to make food and go to the bathroom...otherwise I'm in bed or on the couch. Sometimes I'm on the computer (like now) but he also knows that kills me since sitting up like this gives me contractions too.

Well on Friday and yesterday he got me out of the house. Friday I pushed myself a little too much and was happy that he had duty on Saturday so I could lay around all day and do nothing. Getting food was really hard for me and I almost called him home...but I didn't.

Anyway, Friday Josh got off work early to go to the Gold and Blue Crew picnic. It was fun, but I'm not really friends with any of the wives. I'm trying, but it just doesn't seem to happen for me. After the picnic we went to the bank to transfer money to our Monroe, MI account so we could pay off the debt. We also payed off our credit card. After an hour it was taken care of and we were off to lunch at AppleBees since I didn't get to eat at the picnic and I was starved. Well...what I ordered definitely wasn't what I wanted, so I barely ate my sandwich. Though I did eat my soup and some mozzarella sticks and a piece of popcorn shrimp. I definitely should've went with the Chicken Strips instead of the Turkey thing I got. After we finished eating we went over to Target to get a few things for the baby. We bought her bath and some clothes. I also got the pumps I wanted so when Josh is home, he can help me with those feedings that he so desperately wants to help with :) Then we went home.

Yesterday he took me to breakfast at Sharis (Think Dennys only with better food). It was amazing! They have some great Potato Pancakes...and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Shakes. Mmmmmm. After that we went to church, which I almost didn't make it through, but by the end, I got my second wind (I'm usually napping by 10AM and I was just heading to church...) so we went to Best Buy to look at TVs for Josh's birthday present. I figured if he bought me my laptop (a late b-day present) I can let him get his TV. He found one and I found a TV Stand I liked, so we got them. While there, I sat most of the time one those steps that are used to reach items in high places...well, when Josh left with the manager and another worker he told them why I wasn't coming with them and the manager got me a comfy computer chair to sit in! How sweet was that?

After we got the tv home and everything we headed back out to the mall. I have outgrown most of my clothes, so I needed at least one or two more outfits. We went into Motherhood Maternity and I found pants. I tried them on and BAM they fit! YAY! I also got some undies that actually fit and a sweater also. Then we headed to Lane Bryant to get me sized for a new bra...38G....can you BELIEVE that? This little girl in that big of a bra! I got 2 so I now fit into at least 2 bras. I still have to order the nursing one from their website. At least, for the first time in my life, I have a bra that fits me properly. I'm excited about this....I was so giddy in the store and just afterward.

Then Josh and I went and got me a wheelchair for the rest of the time because I was getting to the point of not being able to walk long without a contraction. We went and got food and then started shopping a bit again. We went to Radio Shack for him...he bought something dealing with computers and some AA batteries for the 2 small flashlights we have. Then we went to That Kitchen Shop and bought a pair of tongs. I'm so happy we have those now. We then returned the wheelchair and walked back toward the entrance we came in at. We stopped at Spencers and bought 2 onsies and a maternity shirt for me. I love the shirt. It's an ultrasound picture and the baby is giving the bird. It's cute. I'm wearing it to my ultrasound on Thursday :)

Today is a chill day for the most part. I'll be laying around and watching TV on the new one. I have choir tonight at 5:45PM. It's the first practice so I really want to be there. Josh is making sure he's home by 5:30PM to take me...I can't drive anymore...I don't fit most days (if she's towards my back I fit, but she's been at the front a lot lately).

Tomorrow Josh has duty...I need to go grocery shopping, but I need Josh to do that with me, so maybe Wednesday after he gets off work. Thursday I'm down in Tacoma for my last ultrasound (I am refusing any others unless they are at Bremerton so I'm more comfortable...I hate driving an hour just for an ultrasound once a month!) after the u/s we're going to lunch and stopping at Baby's R Us and then heading home (unless Amanda doesn't mind going up to Everett to pick up a stroller/carseat combo from our friend Brandi). Friday Josh has duty, so another lazy day.

Sounds fun huh? I'm getting out a little more...which is so nice. I love it!

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