Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another small update...

Hopefully things won't change again. That's for sure!

I had another appointment yesterday for the baby. We were all hoping I was going to have her this past weekend, but that didn't happen. No biggie. I don't figure she's going to come out until I'm induced.

I was supposed to be induced THIS Friday...the 21st. Something came up and the Dr. can't do it, so they had to change it on me. They tried getting me to be induced on Wednesday...which means I would miss Thanksgiving with my family and friends. NO WAY! I told the Dr. I was seeing WHY we had made it earlier than the 25th anyway and so they made it for the 25th. I have to call at 5AM to make sure there isn't pure chaos there first though...but since my cervix is so soft already, and I'm dilated to 3cm already, I shouldn't have to be ripened at all...or much.

So...yesterday after my appointment I wanted to cry...actually I wanted to cry IN my appointment, but I didn't. I had my hopes up to be holding my baby girl this weekend...and now that's probably not going to happen. Though, the Dr. did sweep my membranes maybe this time it'll work a bit better (this time it didn't even really hurt, which is weird...maybe because it was a guy this time? I dunno...I've always felt male obgyn's are nicer and hurt less) and I'll have my baby this weekend anyway. Who knows.

On another note, my parents should be here by Sunday. I hope they have a safe trip up from California. They're heading back to 101 today since 5 has NOTHING to look at. This will take them longer, but like I've been telling them the whole time, they can take their time in getting here. LoL!

Well...that's all. I'll talk to y'all later!

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