Monday, February 22, 2010

So overwhelmed

I'm 15 weeks pregnant. 16 weeks this Thursday (the day of my next OB appointment). Through half of December and all of January I was sick. Cara was sick for most of it too. Josh's mom came out for a week to help, though I pushed myself too much and got sicker. So my mom came out for 3 weeks and I haven't been actually sick since then. I got to rest and take it easier than I normally would've for being a married single mom.

Josh came home a few days after my mom left. The days inbetween were killer, but I got through them. It was nice to have a few days alone with Caralyn, but it was so hard at the same time. I have energy back but I get so exhausted so easily still.

We went to the zoo on Thursday this past week. I loved it. The zoo wasn't that great, but it worked to get Cara and myself into the fresh air and walking around. The next day we went to the aquarium. It sucked, but was enjoyable at the same time for me. Saturday Josh was sick with food poisoning. I took Caralyn out to go grocery shopping and stuff. When I got toward the end, I started getting a really hard pressure in my a boulder sitting down there. A little while later I started getting super sharp pains, like swords stabbing into my stomach and side. I took a shower to calm it down, but I started getting nauseaus so I went to the hospital in case I was going into pre-term labor again (it felt like that when I did at 29 weeks with Cara). The Dr barely gave me a second glance or listen (the corpsman and nurses were more concerned about me than the Dr. That's bad!) before telling me it was just Braxton Hicks contractions and Ligament Pain and it would just go away on its own. He didn't even hook me up to a machine to see if I was having contractions and to see if it was better or worse as time went on! I dealt with the same pressure all day yesterday (Sunday) and today it's finally easing up a little. I want to hurt that Dr. I shouldn't have had that problem for over 24 hours. The Dr. said he didn't want to see me back unless I started bleeding on top of the pain and pressure. So he wanted me to be losing my baby pretty much. Gah! He was an asshole.

So today I'm sitting at home. Cara's playing with some of her toys right now. She's not happy that I'm online, but she's living. She knows it won't last forever and that when I get off, I'll be cuddling with her and spending my time with her. Anyway...I have a few other things to do really fast before I get off here and be with her. Later y'all! I'll try to write a little more often.