Saturday, October 17, 2009

House Work

Josh and I bought our first house in June. It was built in 1977 and honestly, I don't think many updates have been done to it since then. The wiring is outdated and is probably going to cost at least a couple thousand dollars to be redone, the walls I seriously think are the original colors, it's just a really odd house. The only thing I think they did was put carpet over the hardwood floors. WHY would you do that? Hardwood floors are wonderful!

Anyway, Josh finished the guest room floors the other day. We bought the stuff to get the walls painted in the coming weeks. I am excited about this, though it is bittersweet. Yes, it's wonderful to be getting my house decorated and finished the way I want it, but getting it done means one less thing to do before having the house finished...and possibly finding a bigger house for a growing family. I like that we have things to do to our house to decorate and make it ours. Once that's over...what is left? I know I should just enjoy it and it's going to take quite a few years to finish the house, but still. I think about these things.

This is only the first room we've worked on really. The makeshift entry way is almost finished also. We need to put a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, and I still need to find a key hook/shelf thing, order and put in the pictures in the frames and have to redo the closet, but other than those things, it's fairly well done. I don't HAVE to do anything to the closet, I just am going to for the sake of doing it.

I am excited to see how the guest room turns out. It's my first attempt at something more feminine/girlie. We have the beautiful quilt, the lovely paint, we've got a bed (which we have to paint first since it's our old one and black iron will not go with the room)...there's really not much else other than finishing touches (a picture/painting maybe, a little table with a vase of flowers/picture frames or something, maybe even a little tv chest thing...who knows...I just want my guests comfortable).

The first people to stay there will possibly be Kira and Matt if they really do get to come out and stay at least a night. I know I won't get many guests out here with the economy, but I'll have a place just in case. I really hope people will come visit, especially knowing they'll have a free place to stay and free meals to eat (I'm trying to get better at the cooking thing instead of going out...I'm just so tired by the time Josh gets home from work...because the cooking turns out pretty darn good most of the time...or so says Josh). I just wish people actually wanted to come out to see me. It's that is...people grow up and move on and forget about their old friends. I've never forgotten, I hold on, but maybe I should stop.

I'm going off subject now. Sorry.

We have so many more projects to do, big and small, it's almost overwhelming, though I know it's going to be bittersweet every time we come to an end of a project because it's one less thing to do to make it ours. It's weird, I'm weird. I know. I've been told that a million times.

I do have to say that I'm quite proud of my husband though. He is a packrat, especially with anything to do with computers. He went into his office on his own, sat down, and started going through his things and getting rid of stuff he didn't really need. There will be a box of computer parts going out to my brother soon, and there's a lot less stuff in his office (which will someday be a nursery for our second child). I didn't even have to ask him to do anything. He saw me throwing stuff away (especially socks I don't wear anymore...I collect character socks) and I guess it just got to him that I was doing this and he wasn't. It's really cool. I'm so proud that he took incentive to do it.

I have to close for now. My mind is going in a million different directions at the moment and this could get ugly fast. I also need to get to bed so I can get up for church in the morning. Figuring the same thing will happen that has happened the last few nights, I may just stay up once 4:30AM rolls around and write more. There is so much I need to get out, but I know this isn't exactly the place to do it, I'll probably write some of the stuff that needs to really get out on so it's mainly strangers reading and hopefully helping with advice. My real life friends don't need to read about the personal things I'm going through and feeling. I know I would be judged and I just don't need it.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great night and I hope to be back to write more soon. Josh starts leave for 2 weeks on Tuesday, so I might have a little more time to actually come and write.