Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012...a new beginning?

So good bye 2011 and hello 2012! My year ended and began a little crappy. On my 6th wedding anniversary, I woke up at 2AM with horrible stomach pains. I could no longer get comfortable and could barely move also. My whole right side of my boy was against me.

I called the chiropractor at 9AM as soon as they opened. I got an appointment and went in. My left side of my body was all out of whack. Crazy right? This was a Friday. I went back in on Tuesday and today, Thursday. So in a matter of a week I've been in 3 times. I go back the Tuesday after next, unless I need it before. I think I will be back at least once this coming week. I really wish I had a live-in masseuse. It would help me very much.

Other than that, the kids have been wonderful. Right now they're playing at Imagination Station in Port Orchard while I write in here and play on facebook. I really don't know why I don't do this more often. $10 to get both my kids in and free wifi connection. Lots of toys and things to play with and on. Kids to interact with. So awesome. I think I just wasn't sure how good it would be for my kids. They interact well at the mall playscape but this is a bigger area with toys...How will Cara and Ric do with sharing? Will they push and hit the other kids? Will Ric keep his socks on? What about Cara? We all hate things on our feet, so that was my biggest concern. We've been here about an hour or so and everything is going good. Ric's screamed once because some kid was pushing him in a car and he didn't want that. I've only had to discipline Cara once and that was because she went down the "roller coaster" straight into the same boy, who wouldn't move out of the way even when asked nice...and of course his mom wasn't watching at all. Even though I'm typing this, I'm watching my kids very well. I'm not missing much. Luckily I know my keyboard and I can type without watching for the most part. It's nice.

I'm thinking if I really do not have another child, I need to buy a train table or something. Ric was really getting into it. He's only 17 months old so he'll get plenty of use out of it. I also want to buy a table and chairs for the play room. It's a small room, but eventually it'll be made into a study room for them while they're in school. I still want to add another level to our house. I think it would be beneficial even if we don't have any more kids. Our own office, a guest room or two, a game room...How AWESOME would that be? I want our house to be the house everyone wants to be at. I want our kids' friends to feel welcome and at home in our house. I want them to have fun in a safe place.

As for Josh...he's still gone, he'll be gone for awhile still, but we're all doing well. I'm so used to this that it doesn't really put a damper in the routine. Cara and Ric doesn't know anything other than daddy being gone every few months. It takes a few days to get used to him being gone, but it's a fast transition every time. I can not wait for him to be home, he can't wait to be home. He knows our kids are growing and learning at such a fast rate and he hates missing it all. It breaks his heart. I have gotten 5 emails and a letter...and ACTUAL letter! One of his friends was able to come off the boat because they needed extra rack space for a few days...he brought a letter home from the deep blue yonder. I am so excited about it. I just had a red car pull into my driveway and I was like "What? Who is that? Oh my goodness it's Mr. Smith! What the heck is he doing here?" It was a shock. Then he told me and I was like "Lucky! Go relax, spend time with your wife! Have fun!" Then he informed me Mrs. Smith already left for vacation across the country...go figure! LoL! So I invited him to call anytime and come over for dinner. I have no problem cooking for anyone.

On any other front. Sparrow is good. I need to call to order more heart medicine for him. He's down to just a couple more days left. I keep forgetting to call about it. My parents may be coming out for a long weekend, or just my mom for a couple weeks. Personally, I'm hoping for just my mom. It would be a nice break compared to dealing with two insane toddlers that are fighting and cranky and missing daddy like crazy...and acting out because of it. I might be able to get some real rest if they come out...though, if my back continues spasming like it is, I won't be getting rest no matter who is here.

Anyway, that's really it. I think we're going to be leaving Imagination Station soon so I can get Ric down for a nap and maybe lay down myself. I was up until 3AM yesterday. Thankfully not alone...Josh's friend Traf has been staying up to keep me company. He also rang in the new year with me on the phone. It was nice to not be alone even though I was alone. Josh is happy that Traf and I have reconnected too. It's been strained for years, but seeing as though it's a new year and I want to make changes to my life for the better, I figured why not start early and get things aired out and better between us. It's been amazing. I don't know why I didn't listen to Josh from the beginning. I missed 6+ years of a great friendship because of my own stubbornness and embarrassment.

I hope you all are having a wonderful 2012 so far! I hope it just keeps getting better and better! Love to you all!