Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't scare me like that!

So...I'm on a relaxed bed rest schedule right now.

On Wednesday I called Josh home from work because I was still feeling bad and weird. He took me to Labor and Delivery and about an hour after I got there, got into a room and hooked up to the monitors. Caralyn was great, but I was having contractions.

I was in there from about 1:30PM until 7PM because I continued to have contractions, but I wasn't dilating at all, so that part was good.

I did have a couple that were big and hurt a little, but the Dr.s said that if it only hurt a little, I was going to be a champ when I'm actually in labor. I guess one of them would've made most women cry or something. They didn't point the contractions out to me either, I just didn't know what they were until I was hooked up to the machine and realized that it wasn't Caralyn's head or bottom pressing up on my stomach.

So yesterday I felt like crap. Anytime I'm sitting too long or standing to long or even get up for a few minutes, I start having contractions...just little ones, but still...they're there. I spent yesterday on the couch, only getting up to use the restroom and to get food...and of course to go to my "follow up" appointment, where they did nothing that they were supposed to.

Today is Josh's birthday. He has duty today, which sucks, but I think I'll call him a little later (especially if I'm having a hard time with things) and at least wish him a Happy Birthday and tell him I love him. He made me mad this morning, so it slipped my mind.

Now, I know things like this shouldn't make me mad anymore, but him calling me weird because I have like super really gets to me...and he knows why does he do it? Especially before 6AM? I was actually happy that he was leaving for the whole day and night when he left.

Today is going to be a chill day. I'm hoping to be able to be online for awhile, but I've already been on for over an hour, so I might not be on much longer...which sucks...but that's life. I can't wait to get a laptop!



  1. I'm glad you're okay! Labor is not that bad. Here's my advice: you don't need drugs. Just let your body do what it naturally does and you'll be fine. Nothing about labor should scare you and contractions aren't that bad. Each contraction just puts you closer to holding Caralyn. Watching them on the monitor isn't so bad,'s kind of cool :).

    Anyway, I don't remember if I've talked to you about this, but the Bradley method is AWESOME! If you have any questions about labor or would like any advice just write back and I'll give you my number.

  2. I understand your worry! However, just in case you do go into early labor (again!), I hope this puts your mind at ease: Audree was supposed to be a 7 1/2 lb baby not even a week before I actually had her. Well, she was a 10+ pound baby! Guesstimations aren't that correct. I'm hoping that she can stay holed up in there a bit longer, too, but hopefully she'll be healthy and big if she decides to debut early. is the website. I read these books:
    Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way and Husband Coached Childbirth. They were both a great help. Bradley method teaches you to relax--no holding your breath or any of the Lamaze crap. You should never birth lying down, it's not "normal" for a young one to be born into chaos, etc. The Bradley Method truly is husband-coached childbirth. Josh will be your guiding light. Yes, your doctor/midwife will be of some importance, but when it comes to helping you through the most important and (by far) the toughest thing you've encountered so far, who better to help than your life partner? This website has a little more info:

    I didn't take the classes because I couldn't find an instructor until I was already 35 weeks and no one was willing to help at that point. Instead, I bought the books off (I bought used books, lol) and went from there. I read both books within the first day and was more than surprised with how much I learned. And, let me tell you--when you're in labor and in an incredible amount of pain the last thing on your mind is figuring out how to breathe according to Lamaze. You just want to feel totally relaxed. The Bradley method teaches you to go with your natural breathing state without alterations. And sometimes, you need some help relaxing, so that's what your birth coach, your husband, is there for. It's very important that he reads these books as well or it's all pointless.

    I really like this method and plan to use it with our next child. I'm a total wuss and if this can help me then I guarantee it'll work for anyone else!