Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Wellness Check

Yesterday's wellness check was great for Caralyn. She is over her birth weight already, which they don't expect until 2 weeks..and she was 5 days! The nurse was extremely happy with that. So she weighs 7lbs 8.1oz now. It's crazy. She eats like crazy already too. Most of the time like 3-4 oz per sitting.

My part of the wellness check wasn't so good. My blood pressure was still up at around 148/90. It's not super high, but high enough for them to worry about me. I did a urinalysis and they thought it was too much blood for 5 days after giving birth, so they took blood from me to do the same tests they've done 6 times already (that's no joke). I am getting completely upset by them taking my blood all the time for the same thing when everything comes back normal each time. It's frustrating.

So then we went and got food then home. Penny, Seth and Rachel were over from like 4:30-9:30. I could've done with them leaving earlier so I could've slept better than I had.

We've also been co-sleeping with Caralyn. I hadn't planned on it, but I'm too paranoid with the crib right now. Anytime I hear something (or don't hear something) I am up to check on her. It's killing me with how sore I am at the moment (my back's been hurting really bad from the epidural) we just sleep together. She slept for about 2 hours at a time last night, then gets up for food and a diaper change and sleeps again. Now that it's 6:40AM she should be sleeping for a little while longer.

Oh and my milk is definitely coming in...I'm so sore! It's crazy! I never expected pain like that. I can barely put on a bra without it hurting...and that's a stretchy comfy bra!

Well I'm out. I need to go get Josh up to watch Caralyn while I pump a couple bottles for the day. Baby girl is sooooo adorable sleeping in her bouncer right now...I could just eat her up!

Oh and for those that want pictures, it will be a little bit still...I am being selfish and want to keep her to myself for a little longer. It should be soon though. I'm sorry.

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