Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coming to an end...2011

This year has been jam packed with "stuff" going on. I am truly a horrible blogger. I don't have much time with my 2 very active toddlers, and I feel bad that I don't have time to blog. When I get my daughter to sleep at night, I normally fall asleep with my only computer time is really taken up by sleep. They run me ragged.

Right now, I'm only getting to write because I'm forcing myself to do it while my daughter is running rampant and getting into things she shouldn't be and making myself just say "no" or letting her do it, leaving it for later to clean up. Luckily, my son is taking a nap.

Caralyn keep bugging me to be around me on the computer. It's quite annoying, but at least she's going to be a techie when she gets a little older. She's already in love with her kid friendly camera she got from Grammie for her birthday.

But I digress.

Ups, downs, somewhere neutral...that has been this year. We haven't had the best luck financially and have had to borrow money that we still haven't paid back and it's stressful. It doesn't affect our marriage, but it does make us feel guilty for not being able to be completely on our own two feet and having to ask for help from others.

Things have changed a lot with Caralyn, who turned 3 on Thanksgiving this year, and Alaric who is now almost 17 months old. Things change fast with toddlers. It really surprised me. I knew time flew but it flies faster with a second kid. I don't know where this year went. I don't feel I remember the majority of this year even!

I do remember Christmas though! Josh left just over a week before Christmas so I wasn't much into the Christmas Spirit. I tried to fake it for the kids, but I think I failed for the most part.

I think on the 23rd I received my Secret Santa gift. I absolutely LOVE it! Mrs. P (from A Little Pink In A World Of Camo) did amazing! My mom is jealous of my present even!

This is the whole gift! Isn't it awesome? Homemade card, a beautiful bookmark, the best Ocean scented candle I've ever smelled, a beautiful bracelet, toffee, chocolates, keychain and some great samples! I've got more pictures, but those may just have to be uploaded to facebook since Caralyn is having a meltdown right now. Looks like the plan of going to church tonight will be non existent. I was really looking forward to it too since my plans for Zoo lights was cancelled.

Hope your new year is wonderful! I'm hoping to write more often in the new year. Both kids are getting old enough to let me have an hour or two on the computer every few days.