Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long, hard day

That was yesterday.

At 12:30AM I woke up with severe stomach cramping and knotty pains. I took a shower thinking it might help relax me, it didn't. So I woke Josh up and had him get me a couple Granola Bars, that didn't help either. Finally around 1:30AM I decided it was time to go to the hospital since it wasn't getting any better or worse.

We were there fairly fast since it's just a few exits from where we live. We made it up to the Labor and Delivery floor and I got right into a room and hooked up to some monitors that showed if I was having contractions and also Caralyn's heartbeat. Everything looked fine.

Finally around 4:30AM (after getting blood drawn and everything coming back normal) we were released. I felt bad for Josh since he barely got any sleep and he was supposed to be getting up for work in an hour. We got home at 5AM and went to bed. He woke up at 6:45AM to call the boat to see if he could get the day off since he had been up for basically 3 days in a row (he had duty, then stayed up with me, then the hospital thing) and they let him stay home to take care of me. I stayed up since I had to make a call at 7AM to see the Dr. for my sore throat.

I went to my 9:10AM Chiropractor appointment, came home and slept for an hour then left for my 11:25AM Dr. appointment. I was in and out of the Dr.s office, which was pretty cool. She gave me Suddafed and some Saline Spray. I took the Suddafed twice and all that was left was allergy stuff (watery eyes, itchy throat and ears, sneezing like crazy, etc.) so this morning I took my Claratin instead and so far, I feel so much better than I did yesterday.

I slept for a couple hours after getting home from the Dr. yesterday. Then I fell asleep on the couch for a couple more hours. Then I went up to bed around 7PM and was asleep before the second round of Jeopardy! Teen Tournament. I slept until 4:30AM today...And I might just sleep for awhile again today since that's when I feel the best. LoL!

That's really all the updates I have. Josh is on duty today and I have a Check Up for the baby tomorrow morning. I know how those check ups go, so I'll be in and out with no new information.

Later y'all!


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