Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He is still the best hubby!

Yesterday Josh comes home from a 34 1/2 hour shift at work and asks me "What do I need to do?" I told him to hop into bed next to me and chill until 5PM then he could work on the wireless computer stuff along with unloading and reloading the dishwasher for me (I try to take turns with this now that I've been feeling a little better). He wanted to jump right into work at home for some reason...but I got him to chill until almost 5PM (which was only 20 minutes).

He then asks me (as we were unloading the dishwasher) what I wanted him to do tomorrow. I just told him he would be taking the items for the nursery up to the nursery. I would really like to have the nursery finished this weekend since there's only 4- 7 weeks until little Caralyn will be joining us in this world. I'm hoping for a November 1 birthday so she can share it with my dad. Or even a November 2 birthday so I could have a wonderful half birthday present!

I can not wait for October 23 to arrive. It can not come soon enough. He starts leave that day and has a whole week off! YAY! He wants to finish the house in that week, which is very possible I think. Well...maybe not the whole garage being done, but close to it..I'll still have "donate" and "freecycle" stuff in there until I can organize it to what everything is so I can post it. I have decided that all my old clothes are going to Goodwill though...instead of going onto

Anyway...that's all.

Oh wait...not it's not!

Heather....THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Nuk starter kit!

Okay...that's all now...

Later alligators!

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