Monday, May 10, 2010

Good times

Josh remembered and found his special liberty chit from when he reenlisted before Caralyn was born. He got to take off Friday and today (Monday). He also gets to take off Wednesday this week because he did well on a test and got another day of special he gets to go with me to my doctor appointment! YAY! I figure if he doesn't get to be here for the birth of our son, he should be able to go to all my appointments before he leaves. Only fair, right?

Josh's first mother's day was a good one. He actually spoiled the crap out of me. I didn't have to change a single diaper yesterday...which is awesome. I haven't had that since before Caralyn was born! He and Cara both got me Mother's Day cards too! They were so cute! I loved them! Cara's had Elmo on it and actually talked. She just makes my day...most days anyway.

I also got one of the most kick ass Mother's Day presents anyone could ask for! I got my very own paintball gun! Josh got one too...and we have everything else we need for them. We went and bought paint balls yesterday too so I can practice shooting whenever I want. YAY!

The week before was my birthday also. I can't believe I'm 26 years old now. Only 2 years ago did I have my first child and now I'm having my second. I have 4 years to have at least one more child...and I would love to have 2 or 3 more. I would love to be done (or at least have a child) during my 30th year.

OMG for my birthday...Josh took me to see Alice In Wonderland, sans Caralyn. We went to church, got breakfast/lunch, chilled at home, took Caralyn to Joyce's house, went to the movie, then got Caralyn and came home. We were going to go to dinner too, but I just wasn't hungry after the movie. I stuffed myself with popcorn...mmm....popcorn. Anwyay....Caralyn picked out a wireless mouse for me. I guess it was so cute because when Josh told her they were getting mommy a birthday present, she ran to the mouse and wouldn't leave until Josh took it. I needed a new one, and I'd been looking at them a I guess she just knew. Josh on the other hand....he bought me a netbook. He's also going to get my car detailed so I don't have to do it myself.

Now...I know I don't have many readers, and I don't keep this thing for people to read, it's all for me...but I have a feeling for some reason that if I want to talk about anything dealing with family issues and real feelings I need to get out, I'm going to have to make a new one or just write on paper (which I would rather not do). All I ask is that if you do read me, please just leave a comment of any kind. Don't care if it's relevant to my post or not. I know a certain member of my family reads but doesn't comment because they want to use my blog as ammo for why my family is so horrible and why they shouldn't be family with me and my family...then they use it against my husband, who has nothing to do with this journal or the problems they have with my just irritates the hell out of me that someone can be so petty and that I have to keep everything out of my own personal journal just in case they read it (which...since they used my last blog against my husband just hours after I posted it...I know they are probably stalking it).

Anyway, that's it for now. Just remember, please leave some sort of comment if you're reading me. And if you're my stalker, be an adult and stop using crap against an innocent for your own personal benefit. You don't even know my husband, so what's your beef with him? You can tell me your beef with me all you want also, it's what an adult would do.