Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks less...

I had a check up on Wednesday the 15th. It went well. I saw Commander Larson, who is the one I've seen most (and like most for the most part) through my whole pregnancy. She hasn't seen me in 2 months since last month she was on leave during my appointment.

She walks in and automatically comments on my belly "Where did that come from? It's so cute!" So I guess my belly is cute. I have to agree actually! I mean...look at it!

Is that not the cutest baby belly you've seen in a long time? I think so! I love it! Of course, she's back a little farther than usual in this picture, but that's okay...I still think it's cute.

Then we start talking about all the medical stuff. She asked me about birth control and she gave me a sheet with some notes to look up (she knows I'm an internet freak and I look up information online about everything...which is why I've never really had questions about the pregnancy, she has said she loves how informed I am for my age.) I keep forgetting to grab the paper, but it'll get done before my next appointment...I'm guessing I'm not getting on real birth control until after breastfeeding since that's what Josh wants and he doesn't ask much of me.

After all the medical crap is put behind us (we did talk about my blood glucose levels since I had 2 above the levels they were supposed to be...I've changed things so I can avoid this in the future) we talked a little about Harry Potter because of my shirt (see above...that was taken the day of my appointment...I was 34 Weeks and 1 Day).

I started talking about how I can't believe there's only a few more weeks until I'm giving birth to little Caralyn. I was talking between 37 and 40 weeks, so I said 3 and 6 weeks. And she corrected me saying 2-5. I was like "37-40 is 3-6 weeks." Which she then tells me "Oh we'll let you deliver at 36 weeks but not before. Also, because you have gestational diabetes, we usually induce a week early, which means November 18. I was sort of freaking out, but that's what happens I's just a perk.

I still need to order some things from and I want to get a little onsie made for Thanksgiving that has the "Butterball" logo on it, since she's our little Butterball Turkey...or at least she was supposed to be.

I go in on October 23 to get checked for dilation and stuff like that. I can't believe it's already coming to that! It's crazy! But if it's the Dr. I'm thinking of (the Dr. from L&D when I was pre-term labor/contraction) I'll be okay with it...he was nice and he is my favorite so far that I've had to see. But...I could be wrong about who I saw at Labor and Delivery that night.

Speaking of pre-term contractions...I've been contracting like CRAZY the past few nights/days. I have actually been kept awake from 3-4AM the past 2 nights because of Braxton-Hicks contractions because there were so many of them. Last night wasn't as bad as the night before...last night I think I fell asleep again within 15-20 minutes, but I had 9 in a row. It was crazy. I know I'm a pre-term contractor, but that's a lot of contractions! By the time I would've gotten to the hospital, they would've been done, that's why I just went to bed. At least I know it's not labor.

Anyway...I'll update after my appointment on the 23rd to let everyone know what's going on and if I'm dilated yet. Starting October 28 I'm allowed to deliver anytime. Keep your fingers crossed for early November...or for them to let me go past the 18th so I can just go naturally for everything!

Oh and for those experienced moms....please give me some pointers on some extra stuff they might ask during the labor process and afterwards. I already know I'm going for a non-medicated labor and delivery (yes, I'm crazy...if you know me and my family, you'll know that's a no brainer that I'm crazy or weird!). I hadn't thought of vaccinations until my friend Dana had brought it up. Of course we're giving her vaccinations that are necessary, but Josh and I aren't in total agreement with ones like the Flu shot and stuff. Those were really the only please please PLEASE ask questions and stuff!!!

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