Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why oh why

So I barely get enough sleep as it why in the heck am I on the computer at 12:05AM when I should be sleeping? Because I'm afraid that the moment I lay down and get comfortable, Ric is going to wake up wanting a bottle. So I'm trying to wait up to see if he is going to wake up...stupid, I know...especially with the long day ahead of me.

I do have to say...I'm amazed my daughter hasn't woken up yet. She's been asleep in her bed by herself for 2 hours already...she's normally been up at least once, scared from a nightmare or something. She has always slept with my husband and I, she is 2 years old and, until recently, has only slept 2 weeks out of our bed. Monday we started sleeping in HER room. She is in her bed, we are on a futon. I miss my bed, but she's (or maybe it's me...) isn't ready to be alone in her room, especially if she wakes up...she freaks out just because she's alone in bed. I think one more week in her room (if it goes as well as this last week or better) and then we'll be able to at least mostly sleep in our own rooms again...It will be the first time we have been alone in bed in over 2 years...3 if you count the big baby belly when I was pregnant with Caralyn.

Well...Caralyn has woken up and needs her mommy since Papa isn't waking up to her cries. Later.


  1. So I got Cara to sleep, got myself ready for bed, climbed in, got comfy and Cara wokw back up. Not even a minute later, Ric wakes up. I tell huns to get one or the other, he starts making a bottle. I get Cara to sleep, change Ric's diaper and am now feeding Ric because it was my night with him. Why is it I either just have Cara or I have BOTH kids at night? Why can't he wake up to Cara's screams and cries to calm her rather than sleep through then when I get upset enough tell me to let her cry/scream it out (because he doesn't want to deal with her in my opinion...and on top of that I have to wake him up on his nights with Ric...) I thought this was an "It takes two" to get into this situation so we are BOTH in it to the end....seems like I'm the one doing most of the work unless he's on leave...

  2. :( That sucks hun! Hopefully Cara will get used to her bed soon. Have you given her a stuffed animal or anything to sleep with? That may help. She may also like a nightlight to remember where she is. Part of it may be being in a new room. Hope it all works out soon for you!

  3. My mom thinks it's that she's so used to us sleeping with her. It's a new bed, a new room and without mommy and daddy in bed with her.

    She has her babydoll, her pillowpet, her tinkerbell pillow, and minnie in bed with her most nights and I definitely have a nightlight in there for her. Her toybox is right next to her bed too just in case she wakes up and can't fall back asleep and wants to play a little...or if we put her in there and she's not ready for bed, she'll play with a toy or two in the dark (well night light dark) until she's ready to sleep. I just don't know what to do anymore.

    I honestly think she would do better in the futon than in her bed. She LOVES big beds. She'll crawl into the futon and just lay there, and same with our queen sized bed. I'm not comfortable to just leave the futon in there though with no safety rails like on her trundle. I just don't know what to do.

  4. A lot of times with bigger beds they don't need the safety rails because they are less likely to fall off. Futons are also really close to the ground so she should be okay if she does go off the edge. Elyissa always seemed to get around her safety rails and fall off anyway. In her full size bed she is fine though. (She'll still fall off a single bed) I really don't know! :( I think with time it will get better! (I hope!) Just keep your head up hun!