Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*Said in a Jeff Foxworthy voice*

"You might be a BAMA WIFE if you see "his" car out in town and cry because SOON it could be him!"

Today I was driving to Target and looked in my rear view mirror like you're supposed to every 8 seconds and there it was...Josh's blue Kia Rio...military stickers and all...only it wasn't Josh's car...obviously...I started crying.

I didn't cry because I was sad, but because soon it very possibly COULD be him! I'm so excited about the fact that he'll be coming home soon. I can't wait to be pierside and see him come off the boat to meet his son for the first time. Hell, even writing that I'm tearing up. I'm so excited for it! I can't believe it's almost here...almost time!

I'm still sad that Josh will have missed 8 weeks of his son's life...correction, the FIRST 8 weeks of his life, but I knew before I married him it could happen. It's not so much that I needed the help or anything, but so much has happened to him in 8 much has changed. I wish he could've at least seen and hugged him within the first 2 weeks. Had they not been extended in the beginning (they went out 2-3 weeks early) he would've been here for the birth of his son. He would've left like the day after, but he would've been here in the very least.

Speaking of his son, he's ready to eat again. Then hopefully he'll go to bed for the night. He's been staying up really late the past couple nights. Could be the cold, could be the fact that the Similac he's had has been recalled because of possible insect parts and larvae in it. Ugh...that's a whole other blog and rant though!

Good night y'all!


  1. I would have cried too! Josh will be home soon...and if you need anything, let me know. I'm home again and not that far away!

  2. And I forgot to mention this: