Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come Home Soon

The song by SHeDaisy has been going through my head the last couple weeks. Underway is almost done, he will be home soon. These last few weeks will be going by so slow, but there are only a few weeks left, which makes my heart jump for joy and sing praises to God that they aren't extended longer than they already have been (so far)!

This underway has gone by fairly fast since Alaric's birth. It has only slowed down the last few days. I have been keeping myself busy as much as humanly possible. I go for walks at the mall at least every other day, I take drives and have started exploring the town I moved to a year ago, I go to Friday morning coffee with the BAMA ladies, Wednesday morning Play Group have started back up, Church on Sundays or Mondays depending on how late Cara has slept in until...the list goes on. Caralyn and Alaric keep me plenty busy too!

Caralyn is doing so well with Alaric. I'm so proud of her! She is very helpful, a mini mommy. She carries around her baby doll a lot now too. If mommy has brother, she has baby. She also LOVES holding Alaric! She does really well for not even being 2! She helps pick out his clothes too. We've started working on ABC's, 123's and colors. She's doing pretty good but she isn't saying anything by herself yet. She doesn't really want to so I'm not rushing her. She'll do it in her own time. She loves reading though! She has me reading to her almost all day every day...anytime I'm sitting she's bringing me books. I LOVE it! I catch her sitting on her little couch reading to herself a lot now too. It's so cute!

Alaric...well, he's growing so much so fast. I can't believe he's already 6 weeks old. He's holding his head up most of the time already and has been since he was just hours old. I can't wait for daddy to meet him! I'm so anxious and excited for it to happen! I can't wait to see Josh's reaction to the realization that he actually has a son now. It's going to be priceless. Josh will be happy that he's in his own bed fort he most part already too. The only time he's in bed with me is when he's up for too many hours and I'm exhausted and need sleep. He falls asleep easier in bed with me and Cara usually.

As for me...I'm great. I'm still going strong on the homefront for Josh and the kids. I'm loving being a mom to two kids. I'm ready to do it again and have a third. I can't wait until I can start bugging Josh to have another baby. I know I have to wait until at least August though. Josh wants to wait 2-3 years though. We'll see where the compromise leads us...and what God's plans really are.

I have to end this here for now. My netbook is about to die on me since I've been on it much of the night. I also have to get ready to leave anyway since I'm meeting someone to drop off a step stool for their toddler (I have 3...I don't need 3...) I'll hopefully be writing a little more often now that Alaric is napping well in his crib and Caralyn lets me get on the computer a little more often now for the most part.

Later all!

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