Monday, October 28, 2013

EEEK! Almost a week late!

So I've had a fun and busy week which has included a sick child. I thought it was a growth spurt and allergies, it was bronchitis. She's still coughing, but her fever has been completely gone for a little over 24 hours. She seems to feel much better too, but still sleepy and lazy. Hoping that leaves soon! I miss the energy of that firecracker!

So last week's Tuesday Top 10 with Poe was Ten Facts About You. I can tell you a million things about myself and I still feel like it's the same thing every time. I don't really remember what I've said and what I haven' let's hope this isn't all just old news stuff to most of you :)

1. I am the youngest child of three and only girl. My brother K is 6 years older than me and my brother J is 4 years 2 days older than me. He used to tell my mom I was his favorite birthday gift...then we started growing up.

2. I love animals! I've had 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 birds, numerous fish, a leopard frog, a crayfish and a garter snake as pets. I can not wait for my yard to be fenced in and be financially and emotionally ready for another dog! Right now it's our cat, Sparrow and our fish, Barnafin Red.

3. I love photography! I'm not into it for money or anything (which is partially why I don't really care to go to school for it, nor do I bother with photoshop) but I love to take pictures. It's really awesome when something comes out either exactly as I imagined it or even better! I just love having fun with my cameras!

4. Food is a huge weakness of mine. I love eating just about anything. I enjoy what I eat and I eat what I enjoy. Lately it's been hard to figure out what I even want to eat because so much repulses me (no, not pregnant as far as I know). The only thing that always sounds good and actually calms my stomach is chocolate. So weird!

5. I have two amazing children. Cara will be 5 next month, Ric turned 3 in August. I can not believe that much time has gone by since they arrived on this Earth. My husband and I do want one more but we're on a time restraint. If I don't get pregnant by December, we will probably stop trying (we did have an easy time getting pregnant with our other two which is why we've only given it so little time).

6. I danced for 16 years before having to quit due to an ankle injury. I did tap, jazz, ballet, gymnastics, lyrical, acro-jazz, hawaiian, hip hop, modern, Irish step, a ballroom class and as many other kinds as I could. I still love to dance and do Zumba when I can to itch that scratch. I can not wait to be able to afford to go back. The type I never thought I'd do, but enjoy thoroughly (because it's also the most challenging I've ever done) is Pole Dance! A good friend of mine owns a studio out here called Dolphin Dance and the classes are amazing. When I can afford it, I'll be back to Mommy and Me to get my fit on!

7. My husband works in a tin can. He has one more underway and he should be done. He's been in the Navy for a little over 8 years and will be done less than a month before his 9 year mark. We are excited about this yet terrified because we have NO clue what's next!

8. I am a singer. I may not be as good as I used to be, and I was never the greatest at it, but I enjoy it and love it so dearly! Before I had my son I was an alto through and through. Now....I can hit some alto notes, but I am much more comfortable in the tenor range. Right now I sing on a whim for fun and am in my church's choir.

9. Speaking of church...I was raised a Catholic and when I was 18 I started going to church with my (now) husband. He went to a WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) Church. I started taking the Bible Information Class and just after my 19th birthday I became a member. I have been mostly happy ever since. I do not see completely eye to eye on everything but it's mostly when they put their religious views into the government which I think is completely wrong when not everyone believes the same thing.

10. I am not big into debating politics or religion. I try not to talk about them. I don't talk about religion much because I know what I believe and that's good enough for me. I'm still not comfortable enough with the bible to reference or argue anything about it. My true friends and I can talk about it comfortably (since most of my friends are of other religions and we accept that about each other) but with strangers, not so much. I usually feel attacked by strangers when it comes to politics and religion. Not cool.

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