Sunday, June 6, 2010


So far, 5 fatalities according to The Toledo Blade. The roof of the water park in Holiday Inn Express, Dundee was torn to shreds. I have a friend that works in that hotel. I hope he's okay...he's a new dad.

I have no clue what the extent of damage is. I have no clue who those 5 fatalities are...any friends? Family? I hope not.

I don't even know how many places were really hit during the storms yesterday...I have to call my parents soon. I have to call my in-laws to make sure they're okay. I know cell reception is down to almost nothing in a lot of areas of Monroe County. I've heard the hardest hit area was Dundee, but that doesn't mean some other places were hit.

I wonder how my Aunt in Milan is doing...she has MS so she wouldn't really be able to get to her basement. I'll have to call her too. So many people I need to call to make sure they're okay. My ex boyfriend's parents still live in Dundee near the worst damage...need to get ahold of him to make sure they're okay.

I hate tornadoes. I know it's a part of life and earth and stuff...but still...they suck. I almost died in one when I was little. I know some people wish I had, but I know plenty of others that are thankful I am still alive, including my family. I am terrified of tornadoes for that reason though...and now bad ones have destroyed a lot of lives of people I used to live sucks.

If you haven't lately, call your family and friends and tell them you love them. If you're on the outs, let this natural disaster that could've harmed them be your way back on the never know, you could regret not being there if something happened.

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