Friday, June 11, 2010

My cousin's wife hits it on the nose again...

"wonders why some people can't get over themselves long enough to see how their actions hurt and affect others. Ugh! Praying for eyes to be opened and hearts turned to God."

This was my cousin Eric's wife Stacy's status update on facebook today. I love how she hits what I'm feeling on the head so many times. This is a big reason why I love her. Not only did she marry one of my favorite cousins, she is so much like me in the way we feel about many subjects.

Two family members have me feeling this way, four if you count their spouses also. Not everything has been directed at me and my little family, but my in-laws are my family also, and a lot has been directed at them. It hurts me how little these people care about their family members. Family is the most important thing in life...if you can't count on them and get over petty things with them, you have nothing.

Call your family, whether you're in good with them or are having problems with them, and tell them you love them no matter what happens. Start getting over stupid and petty things and move on with life.

I hate that my son will not know 5 people in his family...4 aunts/uncles and 1 cousin (so far). It's sad. I hate that my daughter has met 3 of the aunts/uncles but will never truly know them. I hate that I will never be able to meet one of the uncles and my nephew. I hate that Josh will never meet his brother in law, nephew and sister in law...and also will probably never be "allowed" to talk to his brother again. It's sad especially for him because he has had nothing to do with any of the bullshit that happened (and that I apologized for yet am still being treated like shit for). He's being punished for being married to me. That is shallow in my eyes. I can't even mention his brother's name without tears almost welling up in his eyes. He misses his brother so much but knows there's nothing more he can do. He's tried so very hard to be in contact with him and his brother just doesn't want anything to do with him because I'm his wife. It's sad...very very sad.

Anyway...That's really all I have time for. I need to go lay down with my beautiful daughter and hope to God these contractions stop soon. I'm sick of Braxton-Hicks Contractions...but alas I have 9 more weeks of them to go through.

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