Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday MilSpouse Fill In #68

Thank you Wife of a Sailor for hosting!

1. What is your favorite winter memory?
Making a snow man with my neighbor Jesse. He was an only child and treated me like a princess. He was my favorite "big brother" even though he wasn't related to me. He even saved me from his best friend (one of my actual big brothers) when we played snow football. Winters after he moved just weren't as fun.

2. What is your current favorite TV show?
I have so many! I still love General Hospital, then there's Switched At Birth, Make It Or Break It, The Lying Game, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Royal Pains, Sanctuary, Eureka, Burn Notice, CSI, CSI: Miami, Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Glee....oh there's soooooo many!

3. What was your favorite thing that happened in January?
My mom arrived in Washington for a visit! Granted, the first 2 weeks she was here we were all sick thanks to a relapse of the bug my kids and I had before she got here (so we were sick for a mom for a week while here)...but she extended her trip until February 14 so we can still get some things done! YAY!

4. What is the best sound in the world to you?
A laughing child. I love hearing my babies laugh! My son has the greatest laugh in all the world, it melts my heart every time I hear it. My daughter has a high pitched laugh and it drives me insane sometimes, but hearing it, I know she's happy.

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a MilSpouse (or significant other)?
Personally, I've learned that I can not fully trust almost anyone on the boat. I've found many MilSpouses to be lying backstabbers...and very childish and immature. I didn't accept that behavior when I was in middle and high school from my friends, now that I've been graduated from high school for 10 years, I will not accept it from my friends, no matter how much I need friends in my life. The ones that have been this way are all at least 5+ years older than me they should definitely be grown up enough to treat others with respect instead of like they're in middle or high school. So I just keep my distance. Maybe I just expect too much from people though. It wouldn't surprise me since most of the people I wanted to be around, even as a very small child, were adults rather than other kids my age.

The other thing I've learned...if you truly click with another MilSpouse, even when they move away, stay in contact with them. I've not lost too many friends from South Carolina by moving here to Washington (and them to their stations) but I do not talk to the two ladies I really connected with enough. We always tell each other the important things in life, but it's not like when we were living so close to each other. And now one of my best friends has moved back to South Carolina (from here) and goes to Italy every once in awhile to be with her husband. I need to talk to her more often too...though...we are trying to plan a trip for me to Italy to spend time with her and her family! I really hope we can make it happen before his duty is up over there! Would be a BLAST!

I've been lucky in finding a few good MilSpouse friends. I also have a MilSpouse sister in law (2 of them, but I only talk to 1, the other and her husband (my husband's brother) decided against being part of the family when they got married, sad, but it's the choice they made) which helps a lot too. Even the ones I'm around now, we may not talk often, but when we do and when we get together, it's so nice to have them around. I don't trust easily anymore and it's nice that there are other women that don't HAVE to have constant contact to know what they mean to the other.


  1. I'm sorry you've had negative experiences with other milspouses, but I'm glad you have a few true friends in the community. Also, yay for White Collar!

    1. Yeah, it's been mostly bad, but I give them all a chance before I write off anyone. I just know that I'm not going to like everyone and not everyone is going to like me. I just can't stand how catty and back stabby so many of them are (in my experiences anyway).

      Also, definitely a YAY! for White Collar! :)