Thursday, March 4, 2010

Enough Is Enough

Everyone has those people in their life that they really want to hold onto through thick and thin. Sometimes you have to say "enough is enough" and just let them go.

I recently decided to let my brother in law and his wife go. He has treated me like crap since he met her approximately 2 years ago. She started treating me like crap the second she met me in person. They both treated me worse when I stuck up for my family and for what was really right.

That isn't what gets me to the point of giving up and letting go though. I can be treated like crap for a very long time without giving up. When they start treating my daughter like crap is where I draw the line. Cara's first 15 months of life has been mostly without these two. I went back to MI so she could meet him and start having him in her life. It ended at that trip. He saw her again on his wedding day and didn't even want to see her, he didn't want to see me either, and that was where it started tearing me up trying to hold onto this relationship because they were family.

Just a couple days ago my hormones got the best of me when he posted about how much he loves his niece, who is his wife's adopted niece, and realized he had deleted every picture of his blood niece that he had of her online. He cut his own blood out of his life when she did nothing to deserve it except have me as her mother. I thought all of our problems had been pretty much solved when I apologized, listened to her side of the story then let her know my feelings and my side of the story. I was wrong.

So last night I cut them out of my life. I can not take it any longer. I can not put my daughter and this new baby through this. It's just not good for them.

Speaking of my daughter, she just woke up from her nap. Later!

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